Egyptian geologist slams claims of GERDs technical shortcomings


Egyptian geologist slams claims of GERDs technical shortcomings

ADDIS ABABA – Since GERD was started with adequate scientific research and being built by world-renowned company, the safety and quality of the dam should not be questioned, Egyptian Geologist Farouk Al Baz said.

The Egyptian famous scientist and geologist Farouk told the MBC Arabic You Tube channel that the rhetoric that GERD filling will lead for water shortage is a reflection of politicians and media propaganda, not reality.

Al-Baz said that both claims of “safety and water shortage threats” for downstream countries are baseless and unfounded, adding that these are media and politicians agendas, not public concerns of Egyptians.

According to Al-Baz GERD will never affect the virtual water flow of the river and the claims of water shortage due to the dam by downstream countries are just a political propaganda. In addition, he added, if we

see fairly, Egypt owns a huge potential of groundwater for a hundreds of years.

Al-Baz stated that there is untouched underground water in Jabal Al-Uweinat Mountain and surrounding in Egypt which is a huge potential to feed Egypt for a hundred of years. Hence, Al-Baz said that GERD never become a threat for water shortage or security to Egypt and the concerns by Egypt are not real threats.

Finally the scholar stressed that Egypt’s politicians claims and oppositions over the Ethiopia’s dam, GERD, is political, not scientific.

The Ethiopian Herald Jun 20,2020



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