Somalia Confirmed 9 of New Cases As More predictable are willing to be Positive


Mogadishu (SH)-The Federal Health Ministry confirmed yesterday 9 cases of new Corona or covid 19 positive, whom 2 of them are fellow of health Ministry and 7 are out of ,and that is creating more fears and the possibility of that more case are may be hidden in the ordinary people, and because that is following the first death of Covid 19 in Somalia who was not regarded came out of the country and also not integrated with other foreigners, but was only in Mogadishu.


Before there was named that 9 people were found already positive and have been isolated as they may not spread this covid19 to the society and this new cases which found only one day as positive is really horrible situation to Somalia and that is enlighten the possibility of that this cocid19  can be spread out of the country.


Another fear that can give support this covid19 to en-largely  gone over through Somali is that Somalis are obstinate people who are like to bend or except authority orders relating to ensure safety of the society and always are integrated society, which can make easily transmitted to more over Somali people by this covid19.


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