Plan International Has Officially Launched Its Office in Somaliland with high level ceremony


Hargeisa (SH)-Advancing Children,s Right and Equality for Girls in Somaliland has officially launched its office in Somaliland with a well organized and level of the high atmosphere ceremony at Maan-soor Hotel.

Many of different delegations convoying multiple institutions led by the leaders of the Plan international, Ministry of family and the welfare, Ministry of the Endowment and the Religious, other international agencies and the local community organizations along with the international NGOs have came to gather to participate this in the launch event ceremony.

Minister of Family and Social affairs Madam Hinda Jama who her Ministry will have close co-work and line Ministry has briefly highlighted some of her willingness form this new agency which its activities for the girls who missed their chance to the base education will be the real target “here today i would like to hug and empress the new Plan International initiative for our girl,s development and again am saying will to Somaliland and deeply  working with with my Ministry” Hinda Jama the Social and family Minister.

The family Minister told that plan International is thanked for their joining to those other international for the Children and well endorsed that Plan International Agency for the Children care especially Girls who by different causation factories missed to share with their counterparts the class setting.

planDavid MacDonald, Director of North and East Africa with Plan International talking at the launching event.

Mr. David has expressed his happiness that Plan International was able to celebrate opening its office in Somaliland. It has long been our ambition to work with the strong Governmental,International and local partners which we have found in Somaliland and we are looking forward to becoming a strong partner for child rights, particularly girls, in the country.

plan1Plan International head Office Madam Sadia Abdi Alin speaking at the launch ceremony

The Somaliland head office of the Plan International Madam Sa’dia Abdi Alin who has a lot of experience with the social issues told while she was seeing else where to the Plan International why they yet didn,t come to Somaliland but fortunately she dozen,t know that she will the founder of Plan international Office in Somaliland “usually i used to say to the Plan International when we met with the international meetings why you didn,t come to our Somaliland? but fortunately i didn,t know that i will be their office founder in Somaliland” Sadia Abdi Alin.

pan2Abdurrahman Gas the director of Nafis Network explaining the firs time he heard plan International

Abdirrahman Gas had a perilous speech which he mainly emphasized points of era meeting history which was his first time to the hearing of the Plan International and what had gone through out in that meeting that had taken place in Tanzania “first when i head the name of the Plan International i was invited to international meeting which had taken place in Tanzania and met with at least 30 international organizational delegates and asked to them to whom they were come here and invest them and told me all delegations were undertaken and organized by the Plan International” Abdirahman Gas the director general of NAFIS NETWORK in Somaliland.

Sheikh Khaliil Abdullaahi Ahmed the Minister of Religious and the Endowment.

Sheikh Khaliil Abdullaahi Ahmed is the Religious and the Endowment Minister and he highlighted clearly the position of the Islam and how Woman is being given care and values by the Islam and this is what he had remarked “i swearing to Allah its possible to make had servant our Woman and than looking for them to give delivery for us and that is not right because Woman are given care more enshrined” the Religious Minister Khaliil Abdullaahi Ahmed.

The vice Minister of planning Mr. Abdulqadir Omar speaking at the ceremony stageDavid MacDonald And Sadia Abdi Alin are deeply concentrating event lectures  Davil, Sadia were talking with Abdurrahman Gas along with another man at the end Woman leaders are care fully listing to the stage lectures before the end of the ceremonyThe rank officials who participated at the launch ceremony following to the speechesParticipants members conversation at the end of the launch ceremony in the even hall Plan International leaders David And Sadia standing with others at the end of the ceremony The vice Minister of planning Mr. Abdulqadir Omar he had exposed his major feeling with pleasure to attend this launch meeting of the Plan International and he toughly narrated and encouraged to the young teenagers to learn more because he told that education is the light of life and he added “from today here am announcing that Plan International is including to our line Minister organizations” vice Minister Abdulqadir Omar.International Plan is currently with 55 countries including Somaliland



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