The Second Day Consultative Workshop of the Woman in Politics Closed


Hargeisa (SH)-The Consultative meeting  for the Woman in political analyzation has come closed at the Baraar Hotel after deeply analyzed many of political issues during the debate and tight lectures which have been concerning obstacles that Woman politicians are facing era and now both economy circumstances and the cultural challenges that its a very critical issue to those Woman candidates, but before all there was a group home exercises which they have been given yesterday for the media influence to the Woman politician campaigns.

“Here we are presenting very meaningful points that we reached as our group that its min potential of the media concerning angles to our Woman in politics along with our weakness” that has remarked by one of the group presenters, on the other hand presenters of the Woman candidates expressed somehow very closed to with what other groups presented.

“our group stood on the weakness of our campaign at the media influences because for two reasons first we have no close co-work to with the media houses and the free lance journalists who could make us more famous and prominent candidates like the men and secondly we the Woman are well organized for the hard battle we want to swim with our counterparts” Saado Jama.

“Here i would have emphasize another critical to for us which is a very concentrically and concerning full and that is media themselves are not ready to work with us as we are Woman political ambition figures” added that Saada Jama.

Really its apparent that no one can denied the major and the not jumped out as common issues and that is the cultural obstacles which all groups underlined as well as closely its their major hinder one “we know that we have no independent of power economy because no one husband is ready to stand with his wife for her swimming or running for political ambition” that and other similar remarked words have been repeating in the debate rounds among of those political party delegates.

That was the group presenter, s views and their analytical points along with questions and feedback answers which was relating to this consultative and the analyzing of the mixed issues politics and the cultural which is the major problem that hindering to the Woman Politicians then to the men is what we have mentioned above as its the culture issues and the economical challenges.23

Another major obstacle to those Woman in politics is their lack of knowledge and big illiteracy, because 99% are none scholars and even no sure secondary level and that publicly told them by the gender department head at Ministry of labor and the family welfare Madam Luul Adam Geeddi “your challenges as the cultural pressure and the shortage of economy is yes but you  have really challenging with another problem and that is your illiteracy as i,m seeing” Luul Adam Geeddi. wsf





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