A consultative Workshop for the development of Media Advocacy strategy Campaign for the Woman Network of in politics


Hargeisa (SH)- A consultative Workshop for the development of Media Advocacy strategy Campaign for the Woman Network of in politics held by Ministry of the Family and the social welfare, which is aiming the above title discussions that lasting for two days, having tight debates relating the ensuring the goals of this Woman, s network culmination which have been coined last year for the Woman development either politicians they are or none politicians.wo2

This consultative debate workshop is anticipating top rank officials of the Ministry led by the Minister, sub-directors of the min department, representative of the UN Woman in Somaliland and 30 Woman politicians, delegating the 3 political parties of Somaliland, whose willing to run for the coming election participation with their men counterparts.

wo3A lot speeches have been remarked at the beginning of this meeting, Madam Luul Adam is the head of gender at the Ministry and she briefed the aim of this consultative workshop is being held “today we came here to discuss our program activities to encourage those our political prominent of ambition Woman to participate political scales”

“For example me i have ambition of political participation but really I facing tight challenges which is coming even in my family house and for example may young son said to me mom stop your running for political issues and also may husband, s clan they doesn’t allow me to stand up for my political ambition and that our common challenges from our men counterparts” Luul Adam.

wo5Prolonging lasting here speech she added “even the cultural leaders are the major obstacles which is hindering us to run for our constitutional rights with the candidate men and what we want remove back is that double obstacle pressure both cultural and literacy because we the Woman are not educators like the men and that is raising problems which is raising era and now”

“if we would had had more number of Woman Politicians and Ministries we wouldn’t,t suffered to the Quota and because we are the majority providers of the men opportunity and please let us have a commitment” Luul Adam Geedi.

“Our role is to up graded you to up stars of the political battle stages but the problem is that yet as Woman of political ambitions are not ready to take their part struggle with their political rights actively” Woman gender department head at the Ministry of family planning and the social welfare Luul Adam.

Brine stone questions were over thrown on the participants aiming at to reactivate situation in meeting atmosphere “what are you willing from this two days consultative meeting and what your reaction viewpoints is” that was thrown as generally on to the anticipatory.

“I don’t want tell you or order you to leave out form your homes and your family child care and to do illegal action and against to our beautiful religion which give us full respect but I’m saying to you keep both your Islamic identity and do your political participation” that was remarked by the facilitator Madam Luul Adam.

luul“Here I would like to run after as our role models those former of our politician Woman like Amina Milgo, Woman Activist and the former MP candidate of UCID party, Health vice Minister Nimco Hussein Qowdhan, Former foreign Minister Adna Adam and to go more ahead as long as we could” Sado Jama Adam remarked that words and she added “I’m independent candidate not delegating any political party”

oiWaris Dhoobale is fellow of UCID political party Woman candidates and she very keen on endorsed this meeting and urges all former achieved goals and told here Woman counterpart to dare to vote their other Woman even if they are fellow here political party”Wars Dhoobale, Mariam Mohamoud who was be having of her Waddani rival party she higlighted that there is a problem that Woman Candidates are facing in a tight challenge of economical status ” we are defeated by minority figures but we are defeating only by our division and united less voice and not given support each other as Woman” Mariam Mohamoud.

“Here we are only standing for the Woman Issues and up grading our Woman named because if we are respecting each other and keeping on only our Woman name even men will give us respect and more values” Amina Mohamoud Dirie was speaking on be having of the ruling of Kulmiye party, and she added i would truly emphasize that Woman have should common interest and that is only what we can overcome our obstacle” Madam Amina Dirie.

The Minister of Family and the Social welfare Madam Hinda Jama Gani also expressed that she is a very happy holding this event of this consultative meeting which is logistically supported by the UN Woman.

“here i would like to give thankful to our counterpart of the United Nation,s  Woman department for their standing with always and even you as well as those beautiful of our Woman political candidates” that has been remarked by the Minister and she made lobbing strategy way for those have the political ambition “here i would say today we the Woman have well chance to run as well as we can our best participation process” the Minister Madam Hinda Jama Gani.

The Minister highlighted that it was a very well endorsed that played role of the lower house which they give us full supporting to have circled a number of quota but she also endorsed the Mariam,s suggestion that was pointed out to make especial fund treasure for the Woman political running and participation fruitable role” Madam Hina Jama.

“you UN Woman i committing that you done more supports with us but yet we need more from you because only seminars will not recover our political fund needs therefore we need hope from you to doubled your standing with us because as Ministry we want up grade our Woman political participation and hopefully you will do more for us” the Minister Madam Hinda Jama Ganni.

The gender adviser of the Ministry Mr. Khadar Iiman has presented as he was the second facilitator the what benefits Woman can earned from the media advocacy to the enlarged the Woman capacity which is very important at scale measurement of the political battle stage” let me highlight some points of answers of this question and because behavioral attitude change and for legal policy  change and systems and practice change are so min in accordance with our strategy plan to make furitable” Khadar Iiman.




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