Forum Discussion of The Rights of The Media and The Role of The Judiciary


Hargeisa (SH)-This above title has been given to the debate and analyzing of real definitions and roles of media and what is differentiation between press and the Journalism, “today i want ask you as most of you are from the media houses and the judiciary department and have give full definition even what is the judiciary” that has been opened the conference by the Human Rights defender who was facilitating this forum discussion Ms. Muna Ahmed Abdi.

one of Judiciary fellows had give classification and full detailed to the Judiciary and this is what he remarked “the word judiciary to interpenetrate Somali would be “garsoor” which means two robs want to be joined to gather and tightly coined and in other words is to mediate as justice and fairly both argumentative sides” Mohamed Ahmed Abdala head of Sanaag appeal court.

Togdheer district chief Mohamed Musa gave detailed the behaviorism of the reporters in the society and their mistakes which he as evidently cited one or two cases gone between he and reporters of that Togdheer region while but he told whatever there is the media ethic-less he  never jailed one reporter till now “as long as i’am the Togdheer district court chief but that means not they didn,t make mistake” Mohamed Musa.

Chief court Mohamed Musa told there is much problem for the media house porters because all problems are from those reporters because first they easily commit sins from the society deliberately and then start to suffer loudly and alleged they are violating by the rank official of the Government and i would say please you reporters keep on your nation reputation and your personal credit” Mohamed Musa.

on the other hand he presented serious case which was serious insulting to the holly prophet Mohamed peace be upon him did by street focus pop which lifted a very sad case accordingly to the Islam views and he told however it was in a very stupid narration and really annoyed to the regional society even that reporter and more people came to may office suing against him yet he is free and not been jailed because i preferred to arrest him to work for may nation duties” Mohamed Musa.

This lastly remarks of the Togdheer district chief was following raised question by Sia Mlawa who is from UNSOM office in Somaliland and that she asked the judiciary representatives to clarify what their believes after the police arrested to the media reporters without warrant permission letter ” here i would like to ask to the honorable gusts of the Judiciary representative to share their views to words the jailing of reporter cases by the Somaliland police without legal warrant letter what is your feedback to that case” Sia Mlawa

“let us not make this meaningless and quarrel between the media and the Judiciary but i would suggest to analyze and deeply discuss the putting here for us and thank to the Human Rights center for their holding this chance” Adam Ahmed Musa form the Awdal regional court.

“you are well aware off that  media reporters are like use some of them have a enough knowledge and some others might not have enough skills of media laws but as SOLJA administration we are convincing that  media houses made a lot of mistakes as a human being they are but we would to have a patient with their circumstantial environment” Yahye Anas director of SOLJA.

Sayid Mohamed Mire is the owner of the Horyal tv which arrested he and the TV and was banned off 18 days with in a dirt place which cannot suitable for human been to be put it as and he remarked “first i’am victim of may rights which was deliberately deprived form me to the Judiciary admin because i was arrested without legal warrant letter and police arrested me and may institution and therefore i have lost more then $40,000  for the while may tv has been banned and there was refunded of $5000 from me by the business sectors alleging the banning of may television including me” Sayid Mire

Although he loudly expressed his suffering for the Somaliland Judiciary and that he was hardly violated but on the other hand he not denied that many have been done as fairly and justice processed “although i have told you may case was in appropriate action and far from the justice but deeply i,am not denying the truth of the justice done cases and the changed system recent years” he remarked that words.   

Also tight of group discussions were taken part during that forum discussion debates, which eventually have been presented well as many truth points have been collected among in their given of analytical questions.



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