Consultative Quota Conference for The Minority Clans and Woman Political Participation


Hargeisa (SH)-Consultative of Quota Conference for the Minority clans and Woman Political participation held at Maan-soor Hotel  by the Ministry of family and Social Affairs, this conference,s aim is to exalt the level of the Minority clans to participate the political council of Somaliland houses and to have partially the destiny of the country,s political issues especially those minority clans, along with the Woman family.

This was following when the Somaliland President Musa Bihi initiated that Minority clans and the Woman political participation is a very indispensable for maturity of Somaliland policy scale, therefore the President Bihi is forcing forward to ensure that Quota for Minority clans along with Woman political participation should be part of his domination since his office time.

This conference is mainly anticipating the vice President Abdurrahman Ismail Saylici, Minister of Family and the Social affairs Madam Hinda Jama, director of the Ministry Abdurrasheed Ibrahim, Minority clans, Woman family, international and the local NGOs including legislation department MPs,Ministers,youth and the top leaders of the minority politicians while also their cultural leaders were scheduled to have their own feeling of political participation and figured out to express how their feed back is translating and reflecting in this honored of consultative conference in which is mainly focusing on their political participation positions.

Minister of Family and the Social affairs Madam Hinda Jama, director of the Ministry Abdurrasheed Ibrahim and the rest of Ministry fellow departments were the top figures who was leading both welcome delegates and orderly and smoothly facilitation of the conference began to end the lectures of that stage event.

First director of one the main department Ms Filsan Hussein Khalif briefly highlighted the conference schedule and then she passed the microphone the director of the Minister who had the opening and the gusts welcoming to to take honoree seats.

Director of the social and the family issues Abdurrasheed Ibrahim had the opening and the welcome words and he told that is conference is allocated to discuss those minority clans, political participation and he remarked ” here i have to say welcome all Ministers,directors and International NGOs to this consultative conference of the Minority political participation and the Woman Quota” the D.G mentioned that this Quota firstly emerged form to the western countries and its aim is to up grade the or exalt the minority values in their Somaliland Society “again i would like to welcome your coming with us supporting this conference level and thank you all” Abdurrasheed Ibrahim Abdi the director of the Social and the family affairs.

buubaaMP Mahdi Ibrahim Buubaa oratory emphasized that this campaign of Minority and the Woman Quota is to come finally into the lower house MPs and if it come their it will be fully endorsed to pass this quota ” here i would say that we the lower house MPs we will pass if this minority quota came to the counsel of the lower house” MP Mahdi Buubaa.

Lawyer Abdurrahman Hiirad who is constitutionally fellow of this Ministry told that all Somalilanders are equal in forant of the law and also gave detailed the duties on each native of Somalilander “all Somalilanders either he or she black, wait, and where he from and even if he or she is hand cup and not have to clearly exercised the his enshrined rights by the Somaliland constitution” Lawyer Abdurrahman Hiirad.

Suldan Nasir is one of the Minority clan Suldans and he explained relating his feeling about this conference discussing and focusing their issues and he mentioned 1960s when the Somaliland independent gained that his minority clans have MP positions and even when it comes to the unity of the two regions of Somaliland protectorate and the Somali Italiano and become the Somali Republic have their main of political positions, but when Somaliland announced in 1991 at the Burao conference we were not invited and we have not been part of that Somaliland independent declaration 18 May 1991 because i want to present that historic events to this conference and the international community” Suldan Nasir.

Since the the Suldan Nasir told that history and how they have not been part of the Somaliland building in other hand he told that there is nothing dis owning or pressure form Somaliland but he committed it was only gaps form their inside clan problems ” since i have pointed that above mentioned history and as we have not been part or consulted with the Somaliland buildings i have to say it was only our own clan inside problems and we have been objected to fully participate to the Somaliland political participation positions but from now i hope our young educators and politicians to prepare to express their political ambition” Suldan Nasir the Minority Suldan.

I thanked to Somaliland President Musa Bihi because he fulfilled what we had promised before the campaign of his won election and this Ministry is hi nominated duties and have a fully confidence with them and thank you all” Suldan Nasir, former failed candidate Hussein Sheikh Ali from this minority clans suffered that since he tried to win his for his candidate efforts but yet he is willing to do some his responsibilities on his clan problems “i was one of the Minority clans, former candidate but unfortunately i have not been won but yet i would like take part of may clan development but what i feel its so sad is that each politician have own of his clan district in which he can post off while i haven,t only one district in whole Somaliland where i can post off and that is a very unfortunately” Hassan Sheikh Mohamed.

Dr. Abdi-hakim Saed Bustale is fellow the central committee of the ruling party, therfore he was On behaving of the Kulmiye ruling party  Dr. Abdi Hakim endorsed this welcome of minority consultative and quota conference “on be having on the Kulmiye ruling party here i,am fully endorsing this minority conference and you know that Kulmiye party is fully supporting this minority exalting issues” Abdi

Mustafa Abdirisaq delegating the rival Ucid party told that his party is on the minority support and he requested form those minority clans to stand up for their rights while his party is fully supporting that minority political participation, the well known senior Journalist and currently leading the director of the run stat television Mohamed Ali Waji supplicated from Allah to end the division of his minority clan and guide them to the right path and show them benefits of the unity ” here i would say to may so called minority clans good guide us to the unity and his right path” Mohamed Ali Waji director of the Somaliland run Stat television.

MP Baar Saed the only current Woman at the lower house MPs  thanked to the Ministry leaders for their holding this conference and urged to the President Musa Bihi to exalt Minority clans to full Minister and even the minority clans urged them to pull their marginalizing feelings and come out clearly with self encouragement and tight political ambition then you will succeed your destiny of political leader ship and your clan of political participation in Somaliland” MP Baar Saed.

Minister of Sport Mr. Boss Mire told that he will support any idea that gives exalt ranks to the minority clans. Minister of the constitution and parliament council,s network Mohamed Hajji Elmi told highlighted point in which he thoughts that could be core solution of this cultural obstacles and he told that Woman Quota have been developed Woman and Minority ambitions in a lot of countries but he told that Somali culture is a very critical and is the major hindering one those Minority clans and the Woman families to achieve their goals” this quota is benefited in many countries but you know that our culture is the most obstacle one which hindering this initiative” Mohamed Hajji Elmi.qoys1

“Who said this clan is the minority because of we know all Somaliland clans have their own especial  residential areas but those minority clans are residing all Somaliland regions and therefore i believe they are not and we cannot say they are minority” Mohamed Hajji Elmi the Constitution Minister. Minister of the endowment and the religious Shiekh Khaliil Ahmed Urged to the Somaliland society as whole they have to bear in mind that our Islamic views are based on equality and justice among the whole Society in the world.

” you who called the minority clans and the rest of Somalilanders bear in mind that we are all equal and same ether black or wait we are in accordance with the Islamic point views but what we are in categories and causing the backwardness is the only piety of Allah” Endowment and the religious Minister Sheikh Khaliil Ahmed.

Social affairs Minister Madam Hidna Jama gave honorable greeting to all those participants and mentioned to the role of the President in this issue of the minority clan,s up grading and she shortly briefed that she is hope full more changeable points in this conference while it will be continuing until afternoon ” i hope this conference will be furitable and i,am urging to anybody here to be with us til afternoon and again i would like to get your full comments and knowledgeable contribution” Minister of the Family and Social affairs Madam Hinda Jama Hersi Gani.

The section two was a tight discussion about what is to jump out to this current problem solution and they finally agreed upon to have a common of communique points which they lied such this written down paragraph, but before that dictating communique, there was short briefing by the director of the Ministry Abdurrasheed Ibrahim Abdi, MP Mahdi Buubaa whom told the importance of the unitedly issued this communique “now we reached the closing time and really ‘am too excited how beautifully we came to gather and unitedly lastly issued our communique points which i hope that it will pillar core this issue solution and now i,am passing the microphone to the MP Mahdi Buubaa who will say the last and the Ms Filsan will read the reached communique points” the director of the Social affairs Abdurrasheed Ibrahim.

Mp Mahdi Buubaa told that it a well and successful to had a hard analytical debates during this meeting but finally it comes to agree both sides and saw one way solution is to come close and set one table and deeply and cooperatively working to gather “all the day you know we have been here to digest whatever its hard issue according the hard battle needs to face and finally to overcome it” MP Mahdi Ibrahim Buubaa.

And he added “one word to react your division views that you would like to change your current names both “the minority or identity isolation “hayb-sooco” clans i would prefer to give you new name and i would say  “beelaha barakeysan” “the holly clans” and you should be called form know on the holly clans” MP Mahdi Buubaa.

Coming to the end Ms Filsan announced the 5 communique points which emerged from the debate analyzation and the different presented views that have been collected during the debates, and she remarked “i hope its the finally and here i will read on you the reached of the 5 communique points and its here”

The communique points that have been issued form the consultative validation conference of the minority clans, and the Date is today 21/1/2020 the consultative conference of the minority clan,s political participation is held at Maan-soor Hotel and these 5 communique points were issued.

1-To accelerate the election law of Somaliland and than number of quota is being given to the minority clans and the Woman political participation.

2-All delegates both of Governmental and the Parliaments expressed that its their commitments to reached commonly and declared to validate and act on those 5 points of communiques for the minority clans.

3- Accordingly to the constitutionally that its allowed that minority clans could have the quota numbers to contest for their own quotas to join the political councils.

4-To coin a committee members of the minority clans only inside of their clans who will facilitate and work the validation of that communique points.

5- and finally to stand with those minority clans to put pressure on the legislation councils to pass the election law which is including the minority quota number.rashiid




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