Suleiman Kore Stated bravely and oratory at the Follow Up Meeting For Somaliland Media Law


Hargeisa (SH)-Follow up of the Somaliland Media law held at Maan-soor Hotel by Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) anticipating nearly 50 members led the stockholders (media houses, Ministry of information, Governmental human Rights office) and others. the director of Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) Yahe Mohamed Abdi presented document slides of the former media law of the no 14/27/2015 which have been approved but was based only current at that time which excluding the prominent of websites and the other Social media rules and for that it comes to add more additional modification “today we are here to discuss deeply this above title of Follow up meeting of the Somaliland media law” Yahye Anas.anas

former of the Somaliland none state Actors (SONSAF) chairman Mustafa Sa’ad dhimbiil briefed the Somaliland media law as long as he was witness as the secretary of the law no 14 of 27 2015 which have been approved at that time, later on its being modified after more  gaps emerged in that approved of the media law, and he figured out “today her its honorable for me to be with you and stood on the stage while i was the secretary of that former law of no 14/27 2015 and from that up to know there are a lot of backwardness and and gaps because its too blamable since that as Somaliland Nation we are suffering form each other” Mustafa Sa’ad dhimbiil.dhim

prolonging his explanation to this issue Mr. Dhimbiil told “Media houses or reporters  are suffering from the government, Government is suffering form the media houses or reporters,civilians are also suffering form the media” and that is fully blamable for us as Somaliland yet to have nothing development on our laws because we wondering by the international communities for our negligence” Mr. Dhimbiil

Media Participants who listing to the director of SOLJA opening and the welcome words.

other hand Mr. Dhimbiil consulted with the media persons to keen on laws of the country and more be on their values and ethics of their reputation because profession of the media is clean and shining therefore you should keep on it” Mr. Dhimbiil.

sa'adDirector of the Somaliland Government Human Rights Commission speaking at the meeting

Director of the Governmental human rights Mr. Abdisamed Sa’ad mentioned that his office have been waged recently journey into the Somaliland regions holding workshops to re escalate their office activities and made wider efficiency than before tightening safety of the human rights “we have been waging recently journey to journey all Somaliland regions holding seminars for the regional resident, to ensure that human rights should be kept under our authority” Abdisamed Sa’ad.

yasMadam Yasmin Yousuf head of the Wija lecturing at the meeting of the media law.

Yasmin Yousuf is the head of the Woman in Journalism Association and she believes that this of media law modification and proved is well endorsed according to here statement and she remarked “since i,am fellow of the modification committee of this media law its well endorsed to me this media law to be modified and all stockholders to come to gather and bush forward the new one to be agreed to co-work closely” Madam Yasmin Yousuf.

xuutoHead of SOLJA Speaking at the event of the follow media up Mohamoud Abdi Jama (Xuuto)

is the chairman of SOLJA and he believes that this media law backwardness is causing the governmental under feet bush forward this media law, but only he shorted his words to welcome the new information Minister expressing how deeply Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) is committing to work to gather with the Ministry of information as before it been working former Ministers “besides to have a debate about the media law follow up here on having of SOLJA i would like to welcome the new Minister of in formation Suleiman Yousuf Ali Kore since its the first meeting as face to face such like this congregation” head of SOLJA Mohamoud Abdi Jama (Xuuto).

balalDeputy of the Solicitor office Mr. Balal speaking at the meeting of the media law follow up.

Vice of the Somaliland Solicitor Mr. Balal welcome such like this stockholder meeting of the Somaliland media law discussion and he told that all that he was witnessing task force meetings on this media law issues and shortly he remarked “again i have to welcome such kind  of this meeting since i was member all these of media law meetings delegating from may Solicit office and again we are ready to cop with and be part of this media law solution”

kooreNewly nominated Minister of In formation Mr. Suleiman Ali Koore speaking at the meeting.

Ministry of Information Suleiman Yousuf Ali Kore highlighted as he thoughts freedom of expression is enshrined by the Somaliland constitution but it doze not mean media to defame to the or humiliate rights of of the people and the  media be free unlimited  power to say whatever they want ” nothing to be hidden here if SOLJA want to deal with us as perfectly and want to work to gather they should brink back all the defamation crimes committed by the media to the people either they are civilians or not other wise i will not accept media should be free and no accountability for the in forant of the law” Minister Suleiman Yousuf Ali Kore.

He added “if you watch a film documentry recently i was watching really you will get wonder because in that film was ported what is not may job and really its clear humiliation  for me because its say that i have marriage and they rich in a level it over the humanity in which its against me for their marring me more Woman those i have not get marriage with them could you believe that story was behind by a Somaliland Journalist? Mr. Kore.

Media participant are deeply listing and taken notice while the Minister was speaking

“How many Websites i have been wrote on its forant pages blaming me without clear argument,what about if the reporter criticized while he or she can write criticize my administration because i am public figure who is the charge of the Ministry information and i say you head of SOLJA Mr. Xuuto come out and tell the truth and its pleasure for me to leave the Ministry as i have lifted from may former Ministry therefore its and i would like to lift this Information Ministry this media law is approved” Mr. Ali Kore.

Minister told with feeling press that this current running of the media projects by SOLJA along with the Human Commission and the UK Aid and foreign and Commonwealth office only but that Ministry of information is not part of them “where is Xuuto i’am the in charge here the Ministry of information if the Minister or other secretarial committee will be invited no else one can invite besides me because i,am the in charger of the of Ministry that is the fact” Suleiman Ali Kore.

koorehead of SOLJA trying to convince the in formation Minister that SOLJA is ready to welcome and work closely with him.

He closed his words clear and brave points the media will said after him and he made that pro speech rap and he said “i don,t want to hide nothing and saying in forant of you while i would say behind you and now i’an leaving and tell yours as well as you used to say behind to me some words” Mr. Kore told that media would like Minister Kore to under take on the spot to say that this campaign of the media law promised to submit to the council of the cabinet but he told “you media i know that you would like to promise here in forant of you to say i will submit your demand soon from here to the Ministry cabinet but dozen,t mean i,am not happy too work with you and i will work with you for the while i’am the Minister of of in formation and i ready to exalt your reputation all over” that was the last remarks of the Minister Ali Kore.

closeThe second step was that discussion opening between the media participants on this issue and among the comments that have been raised “here we are talking about the media law and the current obstacles hindering to be approved one side is the Government responsibility to develop improvement of this media law, because it has the mandatory of that responsibility and second weakness it will be for the media leader,s responsibility to push forward because its their responsibility to ensure acting acting of their media law” Xadiis Mohamed Xadiis.

“as long as i’am fellow Government employee it dozen,t   mean that i cannot point the rights and i say the current problem is that we have yet nothing singed of media law for a long time and what i adding that is the Ministry of information cannot be authorized the licencing of the media because its a one single side and when its a licencing allowing it couldn,t because it for independent committee” Sadam Mohamed Abdi.

“when i,am at the court if i will be said your media law is not valid it mean that you have nothing media law and may argument is how do we have clear and professionalized points before we set with to whom it concern” Zienab Mohamed Abdi member of SOLJA Board.



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