Somaliland National Conference of the Election Come Closed with Results and Communiques


Hargeisa (SH)-Debate and the Analytical of the election process that current created in Somaliland has hit another hot analyzation which is surrounding real ground between the stockholders as political parties,because this issue is a very sensitive feeling in accordance with whom it may concerns who are too far from one to according to their major interest that based on win and win by the both sides whom their big supporters are their clans touching to the reality battle of the political system of Somaliland, because each party is  namely based as a democratic system but the real test is the clan party.

Today and even yesterday there was a well narrator at the conference Mr Omar who is fellow of the Academy for peace and development and he was leading the way debates were gone orderly and stability while this was of two days events  were continuing at the Maan-soor meeting halls.

GeesWhen early this mooring all delegates back at the meeting hall and each  member he or she takes their chairs Mohamed Saed Gees was the one of the first speakers on the flour and he told participants to subside down the situation and back the wise since most participants were called as they are intellectuals, to look down more reality grounds and not deal with like immaturity “i would like to say please don,t deal with like political parties because we know they always they like to speak only their interests and you are academicians therefore make break stone to your mind and let the atmosphere be more new initiative approach which can be solve this problem issues” Mohamed Saed Gees.

gulaidProfessor Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid head of Amoud University announced that this meeting it should not be like the political party stages but should be more knowledgeable and new ideas production and changing debate “as academic i it seems to me this meeting should be more different our former differentiation quarrels between which was between the 3 political parties and again i would say this debate reached angles of  law and i don,t know how it will be easily to dismiss the current members of the Electoral committee by law” Professor Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid.

hersiThe director of the Academy Mohamed Farah Hersi answering that Professor,s statement has oratory gave details according the Somaliland constitution articles like and article 14 which deeply explained who and which process is to be followed when it comes to dismiss the members of the current quarrel electoral committee and he red a lot articles classifying which way is to be followed and who has the authority of their final dismissing ” you law is has a wide angles and each lawyer may has his own interpenetration but according to the Somaliland constitution articles like 14 Somaliland President has the suggesting of the after he got enough disqualification to the accused members of the committee as one by one and he will submit his reaction to the parliament and they will vote to dismiss them” Mohamed Farah Hersi head of the Academy for peace and development.

nine“Somaliland is not needed,t need student enrollment and sent to the pullout palls and armed troops keeping the voter papers but we need more than that and civilized approaches to bring a new bridges which can be satisfactory to our new generation ambition and even shows eyes our political friends and i said please stop and stop the repetitive of consensuses and make our law practically exercised” Mohamed Farah Hersi.

khaireHead of the Berbera Maritime Abdiqani Mohamed Khaire was one of the active participants and he had suggested that dismissing of the new named of electoral committee looks like to hard according to the party sides of the stockholders and he told that only solution is change the chairman of the current committee Mr Omar Riyo raac who his including this committee created in Somaliland more quarrel and raised the poling of the rival opposing to his nomination to be removed the chair and he said “i would see the only best solution to this tight current issue that Riyo raac should be removed form his chairman of the electoral committee and the President to change another for his position to reach deal with to gather but he will be member of the current electoral as not chairman and the election be held and west another long time” Abdiqani Mohamed Khaire.

nec4Ahmed Ali Asowe who is fellow of Nugaal University mentioned that back to the former consensus of Somaliland building when it was selecting the MPs was based the clan system and it later being changed if the MP once he or she nominated by his clan later they will not have another chose to change him, which become more critical to those clans.

egeAhmed Saed Ege is the former BBC reporter and believes no one can convince the new problematic members of the electoral committee to resign except those who first proposed their resignation arbitration committee who recently emerged to mediate electoral crisis after Wadani party opposed President,s nomination to the chairman of the current acting to nullify them or removed them but arbitrary committee can convince them and he justified that all parties were accepted their suggestion therefore they are whom have now enjoying the confidence of the all political parties “i would say the one who can convince those political parties to dismiss the current of electoral members are the committee who first proposed this new initiative “the dismissing of the committee members only one way it can be possible and that is the recently arbitrary committee those were contains business sectors and the the religious leaders can convince them to be removed because they have the confidence of the stockholder parties” Ahmed Saed Ege.nec5ASH



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