Hargeisa Municipality Football team Honored to Dinner after they Pummelled Kenyan Team 3 . 1

Hargeisa team

Hargeisa (SH)-In a high atmosphere was honored to the Hargeisa Municipality team in a dinner at Maan-soor Hotel following their beating Kenyan team 3 and 1 who all the way departure from their homeland Kenya to play with this hot team of the Hargeisa municipality team.f1Right: the top officials of Jefferson leaders and the lift side Hargeisa Municipality leaders

In a very organized ceremony held by Hargeisa Municipality led by  the Mayor of Hargeisa Abdirraham Aideed (Soltelco), his deputy,Abdi-asiz, secretary of of Hargeisa Municipality Ahmed Yonis Adam (Juha), the former Minister of justice Ahmed Adare, Sharmarke and the Kenyan Jefferson Group leaders and the both player teams have gathered at the second flour of Maan-soor Hotel dinnering and talking to express their happens especially the winners of Hargeisa Municipality football team as the Mayor figured out when he was on the flour speaking to the media.

m1The Mayor of Hargeisa lecturing at dinner speech having the opening and the welcome word at the ceremony

“to night its a very pleasure to me and the rest of my team for their winning their counterpart form our friend team from Kenya and i say from now on you are in a higher over position than before in our heart” Mayor Soltelco .

The deputy of Marodijeh Governor Khadar Barod who was representing the region of the hosted contest teams told as usually play is like a black and wait because no both winner if two teams faced and only one is should be winner and other should be loss and therefore he congratulated Hargeisa Municipality won team “on behaving of the hosting region of Marodijeh its very honor to win the play with our counter part form Kenya city of Nairobi and saying to our Kenyan team be aware that football is like a black and wait” Khadar Barod.

The Governor deputy post off that his Municipality team are tight team and he hopes also they will win at the battle game which will be held in Borama tomorrow and he remarked ” i hope again to our Borama team also will be winners when they faced tomorrow our Jefferson counterpart team in Borama” Khadar Barod.Ms. Quinter Odongo speaking at the stage and explaining her feeling

Quinter Odongo Head of Partnerships Jefferson Group – Lead Project Manager for the football Beyond borders program mentioned that she is very pleasure to be present like this precious moment and she pointed out that as she laid down her remarks its very touchable of brotherhood integration between Kenya and Somaliland and its introduction to the coming of social integration of both her Kenyan society and Somaliland Society as its a good beginning of social integration “to night i’am her to say its a very pleasure and historic moment for winner team of Hargeisa Municipality team and also our beaten jefferson football team for their departure all they way from their homeland Kenya to Somaliland to play with your counterpart of Hargeisa Municipality football team” Ms Quinto Odongo. Mr. Vincent Kisukwa speaking on the stage and explaining how is feeling happens

Vincent Kisukwa CEO of the Sindo United FC – Football club competing in the Kenya Football Federation Div 1 League owned by the Jefferson Group who shortly briefed and shared his feeling to words how he and the rest of his team were welcomed to Hargeisa told on be having of the rest of team he can,t  imaging how they were hosted and the fatherly managed brotherly and friendly, and he compared Hargeisa and Mogadishu for different aspects and this is what he felt when he landed into Hargeisa airport “form point i have have landed at Hargeisa airport i felt that Hargeisa is better than Mogadishu because when you are in Hargeisa you can walk any time to any where you want but comparing to Mogadishu city of Somalia you can,t do that” Vincent Kisukwa.Kenyan team members in the dinner ceremony

Mr. Vincent expressed how happens he is feeling being in Hargeisa and indulging socially integrity as early its “here i’am in a view days but i’am feeling as i’am staying like my homeland city of Nairobi and i can say Somaliland is may second homeland” Vincent remarked these words.

Deputy of Hargeisa Mayor Mr. Abdiasiis Cagawayne speaking at the dinner ceremony

Deputy of Hargeisa Mayor Mr. Abdi-asiz too posted off and many exaggerated that Hargeisa Municipality were surely had fully confidentially that they will beat and those Jefferson football team “here is to night its historic moment and really i was hopping and and having very confidence to our team foot legs to win and exactly it happened although i regarding 4 goals for may team and 0 for gust team of Jefferson (Kenya) but its normal that gust teams always be given 1 goal for their being gust to ” and he added that they are thinking of to sent out their player team to the country side like UK and other where to get more experience from there” Abdi asis cagawayne deputy Mayor.Banner head gusts joking to each before the dinner Hargeisa teamThe Winner team of Hargeisa Municipality Team including Ms. Quinter and laughing for their winning at the end of the dinner ceremonyThe Jefferson football who beaten to 3 and   1




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