The Commemoration of the International Human Rights Day on 10 December


Hargeisa (SH)-The Commissionaire of Human Rights has commemorated th16 days of the Human Rights which is to ensure and enshrined the given status by the God under the Constitution of Somaliland to the people, since this of 16 days Commemoration is Internationally, Human Rights, the Commission Rights were recently engaged to give awareness to the Society of Somaliland to be ware that Human Rights are enshrined both in Islam and the other non Islam views and this is part of that campaign to stop any derogation of human rights against especially those vulnerable or marginalized people.

COM2Head of the Commissionaire Mohamed Baroud  Elmi, the director and the rest of that Commission department,other stockholders of Human Rights issue Organizations both locally and Internationally,members of Parliament horseshoe, UN Agencies, Interest parties of the Human Rights, Woman and Youth organizations and hand cup organizations are participating this of well organized event activities.

com4The head of the human Rights office under the United Nations Mss Sia mwella who lecturing at the stage she told that is time to stand up all for the salvation of the human rights and this is what she remarked”its to kept all human Rights while this year its coming the conference of the Climate change which is to give safeguard those young people of the future and they were calling for to stop and stop all any violation of the climate change and that will lead us as we part of the world population to fight for stopping any kind of human Rights violation” Sia Mwella.

“Also we have to work hard to gather for the enshrined souls of the human beings along with the green and safe environment and we need to mobilize our society that the humming climate changes will effect both our human live stability and the environment safety and that is my pleasure to day to have these words to this commemoration of the 16 days of Human Rights”COM1

The general Attorney Hassan Ahmed emphasized that the freedom of the any of Somaliland society is being given fully exercise freedom while our constitution says any point that is against our constitution is derogated and will be nullified “everybody has a fully rights than he or she can appealed whatever seems that it might an law full” Hassan Ahmed.

General Attorney enlightened that is a very important people should know that the procedure of the law should be followed because if we miss leaded there will be somehow confusion and he mentioned the case of the Handhwanaag news reporters who leaved from Somaliland to Mogadishu fleeing form injustice and subjugation in accordance with their statements after they landed in Mogadishu interviewing by the media.

“i was contacting by more different members following the case of Hadhwanaag news reporters and all they were talking about that case of the fled reporters and fortunately we said to them you have a chance to defend  and freely bring to your arguments but unfortunately i can say they miss lead and they made ride side” the Attorney Hassan Ahmed.

Waddani Rival part secretary Khadar who had a view analytical of the Attorney general,s lecture and he told there are two major problems one is the fears or as he lied down cowardliness of the Government and ride siding of the constitutions which he underlined it is most chaos flaming points in Somaliland political stages.

The director of Ministry of labor and the Social affairs Mr. Abdirasheed Ibrahim Abdi talked about the social issues like the rapping Woman and the children issues that is fully aware of violation action against human rights such the Woman Rights and not to violate their wishes and not to force any illegal of sexual issues.

com5MP Mohamed Wali member of Guurti house very encouraged all gusset stockholders and the rest of guests to work to gather to keep human rights in any side,and the former of the first lady of Mohamed Ibrahim Egal Madam Kaltun flatter the Human Rights Commission committee for their struggle to ensure the rights of people and especially those are the vulnerable sectors like the Woman, children and rest of the marginalized groups.

“i would say that Women should more be connected with to gather to ensure their main goals and also here i’am encouraging to the political parties to lie down their political knifes and subside too any that can flame our stability situation” Madam Kaltun Hajji Dahir.

Mohamed Hajji Elmi is the constitution Minister and he told that the rights of the human beings were enshrined int the holly qur’an before centuries ago and he told reversed verses of the holly qur’an along with the suna of the Mass-anger Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him that human beings are egual before the law, therefore all kinds of the human rights are kept under the religious and the Islam pillars.

com6Minister Elmi also encouraged the human Rights Commissionaire for their talent to fight for the safety of the civilian rights and he mentioned that is to go ahead more rather than to  make the situation tit for tit and catch hairs one to one.

com7Justice Minister Musfate Mohamoud Ali stated that the human rights verbally is wide than applying one side word and he consulted with the Waddani Rival part to understand and look down the meaning full word of the human Rights.

Chairman of the Human Rights Mohamed Baroud Ali told freedom and free rights of the civilians must be kept under rule of the any sector either public or private “i don,t want to prolong may word and say freedom enshrine is our goal and clear objectives” Mr. Baroud mentioned that their commission is on the right direction to apply the best way of that freedom and the free expression is what they are culminating that every member he or she its to fully exercise without hesitating to express his or her full rights”




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