SOLNAC Has Commemorated Well Organized Ceremony To the World AIDS Day


Hargeisa (SH)-Well organized ceremony of the World Aids day is held by the Somaliland National Aids Commission (SOLNAN) this World Aids day event have participated, the Vice President of Somaliland Abdirahman Abdullahi Sailie, Minister of health development Dr. Omar Ali, Minister of Information, Momahed  Muse Dirie, Chairman of SOLNAC Abdishakur Ismail Mounmin, other officials from SONACC, members of the legislation councils and the civil Society.

Before the beginning of the ceremony speeches hundreds of young teenagers hated branded SOLNAC and wisdom word of Aids against already have taken their seats and there was a well awareness of Ban entertainment which was widely fascinated the all audience and watchers in the stage hall, led by Alla Aamin Band team heading by Ahmed Suleiman Bide, and that Band entertainment songs were touching the ground of the social reality, which was focusing against the Forbidden sexual intersection or illegal contacting based with no allowed marriage in the Islamic Sharia.

The general director of SOLNAC Abdishakur Moumin has the first of the open word and he told this ceremony is part of the Solnac activities allocated to fight against this fatal virus of Aids which is likely taken all of the world cities to express cooperative unity against this disease which is more jeopardized the health world society “ here we want to give condolence for those died for Aids and its needed for all marriages to diagnose before their marriage because of this year there were 36 couples who want to marry have diagnosed before their marriage and 19 of the got positive for carrying AIV/AIDS.

AIDSMr. Abdishakur figured out that 16737 people are currently positive for HIV/AIDS in Marodijeh region while 1027 are Woman and the rest are men while some children also are among of those positive people and SOLANC told that only this year 4000 and above were got testy for Aids security reportedly.

2019 55 died and we as SOLNAC we did a lot efforts through the media give awareness to the society of Somaliland. Most of Mosques of Hargeisa aired this awareness of Aids to reduce the epidemic virus of Aids, this year we were added to the budget of the national food for work of those leaving with the Aids. “yesterday we distributed food for 200-300 families and here am urging to those foreign agencies to take part their helping for the people who are victims for leaving with this virus and all we have come to gather to fight this epidemic virus for our nation” SONACC chairman Abdishakur Moumin.

Also Mr Moumin told SOLNAC will be attending the global health meeting for HIV/AIDS in Uganda delegating all east African countries Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia “ its honorable for as we are SOLNAC to delegate all the east African Countries for the global health for HIV/AIDS meeting with will be held in Uganda” Abdishakur Moumin .

Ministry of the health development Dr. Omar Ali secondly had his lecture to words this event of the world Aids day memorial and he told as he is the health Minister well endorsed the SOLNAC steps to giving care for those are leaving with HIV/AIDS as human been “that is the main point to give care and kindly dealt with those HIV/AIDS carriers” Minister of health development Dr. Omar Ali. Mr. Omar emphasized that the health development Ministry is cooperating with SOLNAC to mitigate the spreading of this virus in the society “we Ministry of the health development have a good cooperation with SOLNAC to ensure the social live security to which we are assigned to run potentially certainly entire of our population safety” healthy development Minister Dr. Omar Ali

 Minister of Information Mohamed Muse Dirie told that is a very important to make public testy for HIV/AIDS as all it being side before his position “as it being side I would recommend that public testy for HIV/AIDS should be done in whole Somaliland” Mohamed  Muse Dirie Information Minister.

Adna Adam Ismail was one of those gone through words to words this event and she told to ensure as public health security, that SOLNAC to doubled their main sectarian efforts the and she gave thanks SOLNAC for their running to perform their duties “I am giving thanks SOLNAC for its efforts and I would say to for them to doubled their engagement for this National unity efforts” Adna Adam Ismail.

MP Oday Hajji Abdi-warabe who was behaving of upper house of Guurti he gave warn of both those smokers and too consume it because he told that more of consuming smoke it will led eventually to be vulnerable for HIV/AIDS “I would say to those do smoking to stop consuming smoke because of it leads you eventually to be vulnerable for carrying HIV/AIDS and other disease” MP Oday underlined those leaving HIV/AIDs virus should be given care as long as possible and mostly both SOLNAC and the health development Ministry are responsible get in touch with those positive people since they are assigned to keep going on public health safety.

AIDSFinally those ceremony speeches were closed to the Vice President speech which he told that he is very concerning positively with SOLNAC role of their fighting for public safety from this virus and he congratulated director general of SOLAC Abdishakur Moumin and his rest of team for their escalating efforts and be aware of the movement of this disease in the society “ today is a very indispensable ceremony to come to gather and have a words linking to express Nationally as we are committing to cooperate with each sector of our society” Vice President Abdirahman Sailie


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