Somaliland National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan Review Meeting


Hargeisa (SH)-The Somaliland National HIV/AIDS Commission held an interesting of strategic plan meeting, which will be running for the coming three days at Maan-soor Hotel. This meeting is participating a number of led by Somaliland National Aids Commission (SOLNAC), UNICEF and other line Ministerial organizations and the local resident organizations, along with the Health development Ministry and the World Bank.

Before all gust speakers there were an introductory as the scheduled will be done for the time its going by the HR of the SOLNAC Mr. Mohamed Jama,and he welcome to the podium Ms.Patricia Dorikwa, Team Leader HIV and Malaria, UNICEF Somalia Office and she told that is to be reviewed what have been achieved since before the efforts to mitigate the HIV/AIDS spread and mainly 3 issues is be focused on, fist those taken medicine for HIV/AIDS secondly the coming three years of the HIV/AIDS fight against bushing by the Global fun is to be committed as to ensure that every thing related to the efforts for the coming activities.

The director of the Health development Ministry Dr. Mohamed Abdi Ergeey mentioned this is part of the Ministry of Health engagements and that it needs to focus on carefully about those HIV/AIDS Carries to get more care, and he also pointed out that the problem of the HIVI/AIDS spreading is bushing that there are a number of positive people who are hiding themselves in the community.

The executive Director of SOLNAC Abdishakur Ismail Moumin Aar highlighted that SOLNAC is standing for all what is relating HIV/AIDS and if its no noticed SOLNAC it will be nullified “As we are SOLNAC we are committing and will be evaluate whatever efforts and mitigation and to check and balance weather the patients are getting enough medicine care” the executive director of Solnac Mr. Abdi Shakur Moumin.

Also the director general mentioned that the coming planing of SOLNAC strategic should be commonly worked to gather either SOLNAC line Ministerial Agencies  including the Health development Ministry to mitigate child mortality and enough of Mather care “we will be committed to ensure that all mothers child and mother care centers should be provided to the society who needs help full especially those dealing with the HIV/AIDS” Director General of SOLNAC.

After the break time there had  been a power point presentation slides which is being presented by the executive director of SOLNAC Abdishakur Ismail Moumin and the points he hints were very potential because for its certainly focusing on those very vulnerable people for this HIV/AIDS like the Mother and Children and even any other one he or she infected by that virus.

“we have finalize and filtered our figure data because we need to share the other international of the world organizations but now we can,t because yet its not our data is not secure” the director.

After that presentation gusts had a question about the how positive people can get care and humanity behavior among their society and also they may not spread in the other people their problems and to transmitted to those vital persons, and what prevention and reliable protection that SOLNAC can provide or can undertake and etc to the director of SOLNAC and he positively tried to pleaded that all possible steps to wards prevention and caring of both positive and vital people will be correctly done by the SOLNAC, cooperating with other stockholders either they are Ministerial line or personals who are experts for this virus and its curing measurements like Doctors such Dr. Abdurrahman Geel and Hassan Hagaa who are well known coming to the local people confidentiality.


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