Human Care LTS, Center For the Health Diagnosing Material Has played A Touchable Role The Health Exhibition


Hargeisa (SH)-A human Care center for health material is a private healthy material center in which provides a different of health material like the diagnose materials and most important of modern machines used for the human diagnose, that can be as a high level tested materials both laboratories and the other intestinal machines.

The Human Care for health diagnose material, widely has participated the Somaliland health exhibition which  is taken place at the Maan-soor Hotel for three days,while also its being anticipating hugely by in different institution led by the Ministry of health development, including other Medical companies and pharmaceuticals and other international organizations and UN Health department WHO,and UNFPA.

Human Care is being is very actively participating this exhibition and early that it was mentioned that Human Care was one of the most funders of this exhibition logistically by the Ministry of the health development Dr. Omar and  this is what he had remarked when he was lecturing on the stage “today here I would like to thank for Human Care Center for their contribution and they had played in touchable role”

Besides that also Ethiopian delegation led by the Somaliland Ambassador and the health vice Minister Mr. Siraaje were seeing visiting the Human Care base inn the event hole and then having delicious photos with those Human Care administration and other of its staffs.


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