Garawe: Civilian demonstration is taken place In Garawe Suffering form Slain of Business Man Said Adoon in Kismayo


Garawe (SH)-Hundreds of Civilians came out of the Garawe main Roads, demonstrating hugely against, the Murdering of the business man who killed in Kismayo, last night late Said Adoon yet by not clear but widely is believing, its following former killings in of the prominent figures, of those Somali out spokes, who have been killed in Kismayo before, attributing its fully behind Ahmed Madoobe, the warlord of Kismayo dictator.

Maturely of Social media reports,says ugly murdering has took place last night in Kismayo, but the sources adding that Puntland President Said Abdullahi Dani has managed that killing because he was the only man who opposed the suggesting of Mr. Dani and Faroole, that they are opposition to the current, Government of Somalia led by Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and his prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, therefore, Mr. Dani came in Kismayo last week and called for all who from Puntland and told them to oppose Farmajo And Hassan Ali Khaire, and all others accepted that suggestion of Dani, but the late slain Said Adoon he was only the man who rejected that suggestion of Said Dani, and the sources says that was the reason he was killed last night in Kismayo.

This morning hundreds of Garawe civilians came out on the Garawe streets burning tiers and calling for Kismayo killings to be stopped, therefore Civilians gathered on the Streets to express how far depth they are sorry for the last night murdering of the well known business man Said Adoon, in Kismayo, those Puntland civilians who burned the tiers on the roads are believing although its widely believe Said Adoon,s killing is being ordered by the Puntland President, but he used as the real knife, the Kismayo warlord Ahmed Madoobe,  whose forcibly made his inauguration last week.



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