Presidents of Somalia and Kenya met in New York about the Sea Disputes


New York (SH)-The both Presidents of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and his counterpart Uhuro Kenyatta met in New York Submit in especially meeting, which had is organized by the Egypt President Abdulfatah Al-sisi.

As it been aired by Somalia National News Agency (SONA) both sides welcome that meeting and expressed as its was a new furitable discussion between Somalia and Kenya dispute of the Sea belongs which is widely believed that Kenya is somehow greedy and want to hand over a very important distance of Somali Sea which yet it has no law evidence that allows Kenya is belonging this disputed distance.

However it quoted that Kenya it self has recognized that this meeting is seeming it was success full and Nairobi told that its very happy that President of Somalia has insisted the dispute case of the Sea only should be solved throughout of the International Justice which currently is holding that dispute case.


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