Somaliland National Consultative Meeting for Scaling Up Nutrition Closed


Hargeisa (SH)-Somaliland Nutrition Scale up has closed at Maan-soor Hotel, which was taken within tight Analytical discussions, ceased between the Champion office, hosting this meeting organization Amppcan and other stockholders, like UN for Nutrition sectarian like the United Nation Children care  UNICEF ,UNFPA,Academic departments like Universities and the Civil Society Actors.

k1Before the closing time there have been a group debates which was focusing on a 4 thematic session 4 setting priority actions and the road map of scaling up Nutrition in Somaliland for 2020 and beyond.second that is the major of main areas in accordance with the how it was lied “question 1 in strengthening policy and legal framework, Governance and institutional development. 2. in formation and evidence generation. 3.priority Nutrition response 4. Nutrition sensitive intervention and Gender mainstreaming.

SUN1And then each group have stream presentation which they have after tight in their discussion and well concentrated of short points, for example a group 1 had the first question and punt on their analyzed pullets that there is a opportunities and gaps, for example already Somaliland NDP 2 which more strategies are in compose to create the policy of this near strategic plan of action for the Nutrition Scaling Up.

“After this Meeting i thing that we have the direction of the road map in which  we can to gather go ahead more relatively on this issues” Mohamed Mohamoud Adan who, s was speaking at the brain storm questions, ” i would like to raise that its a very indispensable Academic departments should included this SUN Scaling UP” Mohamed Abdikadir Ahmed from University of Hargeisa.


“I think it would be a very potential when we want to emphasize this push forward NUN Scaling up more to taken to account DPS areas children because are the most vulnerable sectors for the Nutrition” another gusts told that.

“I thing that out put of this pushing for ward efforts will be exposed to the Ministerial level in composing this SUN comprehensive tasks” director of the focal point and hosting organization Anppcan Mr. Khadar.

“its a very pleasure to attend thirdly this meeting as am medical Doctor because as i have already convinced may self that i have a full conception this Nutrition but this two days i have been here i recognized that yet some thing of Nutrition was missing and i thanking for Amina Kaarshe for her raising about the Vitamin D and its potential” Dr. Mohamed Bahnan from Burao University.

“form now i would be ready to deliver may people of Togdheer and other Somaliland society this come count of this SUN meeting” Dr. Bahnan. Madam Amina Farah Kaarshe told ” today in Somaliland there is no lack of food but there is miss using and short of knowledge about the food prioritization and how to educate our house holders to manage Vegetable priority”  Madam Kaarshe.

“Again on behaving of the private Chamber of Commerce here i,am saying those private  sectors to stop their exporting out side foods and substitute to produce local food item” Madam Kaarshe.

Khadar Mohamoud as he was speaking on behave of the ANPPCAN thanked to those participants for their commitments to be on the seats as well as they were taken their full contributions.

Melanie Galvin -Chief of Nutrition  UNICEF Somaliland/Somalia who,s was also was taken part for the last two days this SUN Scaling up meeting analysis has endorsed like this meetings and she encouraged that Somaliland Government and other Stockholders to more push forward this potential project.

Champion office coordinator Dr. Zakariye Dahir has mentioned that his office is more than ready to push forward SUN Scaling up programs to be furitable of for the next years as well as he urges UN Agencies to be more concentrated with more help full with the SUN efforts “i hope this will not be lifted on the table but it will be confirmed to be succeeded” the general director of the livestock Ministry Mr. Ali Hussein Beegsi.