Somaliland National Consul meeting for Scaling Up opened at Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The Scaling up programs of two Days workshop is taking place at Maan-soor Hotel, which is push forwarding, by the compos of this project heading the Vice President of Somaliland Abdirahman Sayici, s Office, Anppcan and 10 line Ministries of Somaliland, who, s are pushing to gather convincing Somaliland society for Nutrition indispensability for its positive impact that it will add growth of the Children mentally and physically, as its a part of the National Development plan of Somaliland , to convinced and decentralize this very potential initiative program.

A different rank officials whose are representing the Government institutions, Business sectors, UN, Academics and the Civil Society groups are participating this two days of Nutrition discussions, to expand the understanding and the conception of Somaliland people the min reason that Government, and its other partnerships are pushing back this project to be succeeded.

ampp3The opening of this first day lectures have been focused on in a different and somehow close point led by the Health development Minister Mr.Omar, Amppcan head office chairman Khadar,Minister of Labor and Social affairs Madam Hinda Hirsi, UNICEF assigned department of Nutrition, and Champion office representative Mr. Zakarie.

ampp4All gust speakers were closely expressing the important of fully and common understanding of societal well being and that body fitness is dependent on well feeding of the Nutrition Accessories like that using all kinds of suitable fruits, which can enhance body structural system and muscle building.

ampp6Therefore Anppcan is the focal point of this Scaling up project and its trying to more go ahead and made success full this project during its regular mandate, after that section of gust speak lectures there was group discussions which many in clandestine relating points were covered or highlighted depth in clandestine issues of Nutrition areas, which is hope fully tomorrow morning will be re escalate in its rest of workshop activities while it suppose to be closed at the afternoon hours with a points of communique.ampp7

And this is the schedule of the meeting process during that two days.

Republic of Somaliland                Jamhuuriyada Somaliland

               VICE-PRESIDENT’s OFFICE






Good nutrition is one of the key foundations for the development of a healthy and productive population. Well-nourished people are less likely to become ill or die, and are more productive and better able to learn. Achieving good nutrition, particularly among women and children, is associated with important short- and long-term health, educational and economic benefits.

Situational analysis of data from Somaliland over the last decade indicates that undernutrition is a significant and enduring public health problem and a major factor in the failure to meet national and global goals on hunger, child mortality, maternal mortality, gender equality and education. Rates of acute and chronic malnutrition have remained persistently high throughout Somaliland with some variation by livelihood system. Globally, malnutrition accounts for 11% of the global burden of disease, which leads to long-term poor health and disability and poor educational and developmental outcomes.

In Somaliland, poverty, recurrent drought, internal displacement, breakdown in social and public services have significantly affected food security and livelihoods and therefore nutritional status. However, there is a growing body of evidence that other underlying causes also contribute significantly to high and persistent undernutrition. These factors include: chronic poor dietary diversity, inadequate infant, young child and maternal feeding practices, poor hygiene practices, water and sanitation, poor health seeking behaviors and low access to quality health services and education and gender inequalities.

The persistence of undernutrition, even in years of relative stability and good harvest, adds further weight to the importance of these multiple underlying causes which by their nature cut across traditional sectors. With increasing understanding of the causes and their complexity, the challenge now is to strengthen efforts to address them through an integrated multi-sector response.

This consultative meeting will focus on strengthening the contribution of relevant sectors i.e health, agriculture, livestock, fishery, WASH, education, trade, employment, social protection and gender to the scaling up of multisectoral action for improved nutrition.

  • Objectives

The overall objective of this consultation is to provide an opportunity for participants to enhance their understanding of the role of health, agriculture, livestock, fishery, WASH, education, trade, employment, social protection and gender in improving nutrition, intensify dialogue and promote synergies and complementarities of each sectors’ work in integrating nutrition into sectoral policies and plans.

The specific objectives are to:

  • To identify issues of concern, gaps and needs to address food security and nutrition and to raise awareness among participants on particular value and the contribution of with health, agriculture, livestock, fishery, WASH, education, trade, employment, social protection and gender in improving nutrition;
  • To promote concerted efforts and synergy among the stakeholders engaged with health, agriculture, livestock, fishery, WASH, education, trade, employment, social protection and gender towards improving nutrition through a national multisectoral platform and cooperation mechanism;
  • To promote harmonization of policies, regulatory frameworks, institutional mechanism and governance for improved nutrition in Somaliland; and
  • .To identify priority actions and recommendations for improving nutrition in Somaliland.

ap1To achieve the above objectives, the action points and recommendations from the National Consultative Meeting will be presented at the upcoming IMC Plus meeting for consideration and enactment.

iii. Dates and Venue 

0The national consultative meeting will be held on 17—18 September, 2019 at Maansoor Hotel – Hargeisa, Somaliland.


Government (Office of the Vice-President, Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Livestock & fishery, Water, Education, MOLSA, Commerce, Planning, Finance and Information)


Donors (UK, Germany, Turkey, EU, DANIDA, SIDA, Finland, Switzerland, USAID, WB, JIKA, CIDA)

Civil Society (ANPPCAN, SCI, Mercy USA, World Concern, PSI, HPA, SOLNARDO, HEAL, TASCO, SCODO, SYS, ADO, NEGAAD, ARC, World Relief Germany, SOLJA)

Business (Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture)

  1. Tentative Programme
08:30—09:00 Registration and climate setting






Welcome and Opening Ceremony          Master of Ceremony: Dr.Zakaria Dahir/MsAmaalDama

·         Welcoming address by MrZakariaDahir, Focal Point – SUN Secretariat

·         Remarks by the UN Network

·         Remarks by the Civil Society Network

·         Opening remarks by H.E. Minister of Health, Republic of Somaliland

·         Keynote speech by H.E. AbdurahmanAbdullahiSaylici, Vice-President – Republic of Somaliland

09:50—10:00 Group Photo Session
10:00—1020 Coffee Break
10:20—10:40 Overview of Somaliland SUN Movement                 Presenter ZakariaDahir


Questions and Answers

10:40—12:30 Thematic Session 1: Pursuing cross-sectoral coherence for scaling up nutrition (health, education, social protection, agriculture, fishery, livestock, water, hygiene, sanitation, trade, gender and social protection)


Keynote Presentations on existing nutrition-sensitive policies, plan and strategies.


Plenary discussions.


Facilitator – Dr. ZakariaDahir (Focal Point, SUN Champion Secretariat)

12:30—01:30 Prayer and Lunch







Thematic Session 2:Existing strengths, gaps and opportunities on multisectoral coordination, multi-stakeholder engagement and capacity building

(multi-stakeholder engagement for better nutrition: what is needed and how do we get there and what role can each network in the SUN architecture should play)


Group work, group presentation and plenary discussions


Facilitator – Dr. Ahmed Jama (Head of Nutrition, Somaliland Ministry of Health Development)






08:00—08:30 Recap from day 1








Thematic Sessions 3: Strengthening Nutrition Information Management.


Presentation by UNICEF on the current status of Micro-nutrition survey & Nutrition bottleneck and landscape analysis.


Presentation by UNFPA on Demographic Health Survey


Presentation by WFP on Cost of the Diet and Fill the Nutrient Gap,


Plenary discussions


Facilitators- Representatives from MoHD,UNICEF, WFP,UNFPA.

10:00—10:30 Coffee break



Thematic Session 4: Setting priority actions and the roadmap of Scaling Up Nutrition in Somaliland for 2020 and beyond


Group work on key thematic areas in strengthening policy and legal framework, governance and institutional development, information and evidence generation, priority nutrition response and nutrition sensitive interventions and gender mainstreaming.


Group presentations and plenary discussions


Facilitators – Khadar M Ahmed (Director,ANPPCANSOM), Dr. Ahmed Jama (Head of Nutrition, Somaliland Ministry of Health Development) and Dr. ZakariaDahir (Focal Point, SUN Champion Secretariat)


12:30—01:30 Prayer and Lunch


Wrap up, recommendations, action points and the way forward – meeting secretariat


Closing remarks – H.E. Minister of Fishery and Livestock


Hosting Organization

Office of the Vice-President, Republic of Somaliland together with Somaliland Ministry of Health Development.

Collaborating Partners

 Funding Partners


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