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Home News Is the Prime Minister a criminal?’ projected onto British Parliament

Is the Prime Minister a criminal?’ projected onto British Parliament


‘Is the Prime Minister a criminal?’ projected onto British Parliament

Activists project ‘Is the prime minister a criminal?’ onto British Parliament
The activist group “Led by Donkeys” projected a mocked-up mug shot of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson onto the Palace of Westminster on Sept. 10. (Led by Donkeys via Storyful)

September 11 at 10:33 AM

LONDON — As night fell in the British capital on Tuesday, a massive projection depicting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a criminal lit up the Houses of Parliament.

The faked police mug shot showed Johnson holding a sign that read: “Parliament makes the law. Boris Johnson says he might break it. Is the prime minister a criminal?”

The stunt, which mimics similar protests against President Trump in Washington, was the latest from activists Ben Stewart, James Sadri, Olly Knowles and Will Rose — who have called their group Led by Donkeys.

They formed to highlight “lies, lunacy and hypocrisy” as Britain attempts to navigate its way out of the European Union.

The projection came during amid two weeks of chaos and political defeats for Johnson, who has vowed to plow ahead with Brexit by an Oct. 31 deadline.

“We’ve maintained the basic concept of speaking truth to power and finding different ways to do it,” Stewart said in an interview on Wednesday.

Stewart said his group closely monitors claims from politicians to hold them accountable — by splashing their flip-flops on billboards, sand sculptures and projections on landmark buildings.

The idea to form the group came late last year while friends gathered for drinks in a local pub.

Despite starting out as a “guerrilla night time operation,” Stewart said their activism is now crowdfunded, with thousands of pounds being raised by members of the public who support the group’s purpose.

Stewart said he was initially “extremely skeptical” of early “overcooked” comparisons between Johnson and Trump, but his view has since shifted.

“This is pretty Trumpian stuff, and I’m surprised that he’s become so extreme so quickly. We’re just calling him out on that as best we can,” he said.

Last week was particularly rough for Johnson. His brother, Jo, resigned from the government and his first formal question-and-answer session in Parliaments saw Labour Party lawmaker Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi calling him out for past “racist” remarks targeting Muslims.Johnson capped the week off by steering a bull into a police officer on a farm in Scotland.


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