Somaliland ICT Conference Of Day two Come Closed At Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The Somaliland ICT and Communication Conference Closed whit number of Communique points, which came from the ,result of the two days discussions waged in the Stage talking points,but before that there were a excessive slide presentation of power points including live speeches presented by the members of the Delegate participants led by Ministry of Communication and ICT, along with the Telecommunication Companies.

so7Also representative of DP-World and the director of Communication And ICT Ministry Dr. Ali Abdullahi Dahir were top rank officials whose gave detailed of different sources about this conference on going smoothness, Also there was a debate banner team, those made precious analytical and depth of touching points like the Cyber security “there are a many people whose use their data information and then it may be taken by other international Hackers and use that data for any other option including risk and defamation way” Mohamed Omar from the Ministry of Communication.

Mr. Omar gave encourages to those Participants and none participants to be aware of the risk of the Smart phones for the young Children, who,s uses this device for riskbale direction without knowledge or having any attention “here again i would say that there are a number of internet risks , which surrounds our Children whose used the device of the Smart Phones”

niceAlso those debate Banner deeply discussed, there are a number of international Website Hackers who, s are illegally steal our data sources “we thrown our values and norms while we turned out mixing with another foreign Cultures and that it might cause us to dangerously damages” Diini Omar Diini from Some-Cable Company.M1CLS

Finally it comes to close ending points of Communique which the Minister of ICT And Communication Dr. Abdiwali red  on the stage.and the 4 major Companies of Telecommunications along with preparatory committee from both Communication and ICT Ministry and the Financial development were awarded Honorable Certificates.


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