Somtel Telecommunication Company Has Exposed Its Power Communication at the ICT Conference


Hargeisa (SH)-The Modern Telecommunication Company of Somtel has widely exposed a component of of lectures,exhibition of selling Materials at the Maan-soor Hotel Somaliland ICT Conference, which All Telecommunication and ICT local Companies were invited, to share their resource with the Conference participants.

ICT1ict5Head of Somtel Hassan Shiekh Sufi is one of the High rank officials of Somtel and he had spoken behaving of Somtel and its up Dahabshiil names, when he called to welcome to the stage he pleaded in a detailed expert of ICT as long as he had a father information of ICT he told that Somtel yet is the leader of Somaliland ICT both Telecommunication connection and delivering with the high speed Internet, which covered over the all Somaliland Societal Regions “Somtel company yet is leading Somaliland Telecommunications along with it successfully covered all of Internet needs and call Connections from Conner to Conner” Ha SOM2som4

This pic is the Vice President along with the Communication Minister visiting Somtel exhibition and receiving Gifts of Advertisement like 4G and other materials.while those lift are Somtel Staff standing by to welcome them.

Hassan Sheikh gave details to what they have achieved so far  Technologically either Telecommunications and the benefits of the  high speed up of Internet which “we need a policy for this high development ICT sector form the Government led by the Communication and ICT Ministry”Hassan Sufi Communication and ICT Ministry”Hassan Sufi.hs “Digital Transformation it the main department for those Enterprise Telecommunications for that we know a number of Telecommunication Companies closed for their Digital transformation poor system” CEO of Somtel Hassan Shiekh and he added that remarked the important of the time management and he encouraged as locally to be with full confidence local source and new Graduate potential “if there is no local transformation companies who, s will facilitate the local Applicable need or the suitable management surly there will be nothing Transformation” Hassan Shiekh Sufi.

“As Somaliland where we are in a position for this Digital Transformation we are in a good position because sometimes a tasks that would have needed to do with more hours , our local companies do with in minutes” Somtel CEO mentioned that Somtel newly has produced new service that can enable its customers to use more multiple directions like to buy your Ticket directs from International Airlines using on by your Somtel cell phone”

Hassan Sufi figured out that Somtel made uncharitable modification of Somaliland ICT and Telecommunication, swiftly all society got live visual Connection, that people have felt in a Connection enjoyment which had integrated to all families and friends, who,s used to Connect each other by Telephones only for calling, but when Somtel started its swift Wireless and Proud ban Internet to expose its Internet Power, that Facilitated or integration of societal Connection, even not only Urban people were not whose benefited Somtel Modern Speed Internet but also in the far area of the bush residents same have got that Speed and visual live while they are with keeping on there livestock.

Som1som2“As we are Somtel we have a enough confidence to supply full connection of the best Internet to whole Somaliland or Somalia, without any problem of Connection weakness,and what is disservice to say is that we have well co work with the ICT and Communication Ministry and we are more than ready to work the Ministry and all other of our Telecommunication counterparts” Hassan Sheikh Sufi.


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