Some-Cable Enterprise Told its Honorable for its Achieved Goals in Somaliland ICT


Hargeisa (SH)-Somaliland Cable Telecommunication inter Wireless company had post off that its honorable for its recently developments, sectarian of ICT, while the Company was attending “Somaliland ICT conference for Telecommunication development”

SO1Mohamed Abdurraheem is who was behaving of that Cable company  as he was on the podium of the gust lectures, he told that Some-cable company made a lot of success of ICT activities in Somaliland since its office launched for years ago, while there was a somehow critical connection between the Somaliland Society, as they are fully enjoying with full capacity of Internet power, which is provided by their high speed Wireless internet, that is used by whole Somaliland regions “it hornblende and major status for our company to achieved sustainable delivery of power full internet form Conner to Conner whole Somaliland” Abdurraheem.

SO2SO4Also Mr. Mohamed Abadurraheem mentioned that highlighted the indispensability of Somaliland cooperation both public and private to fly to gather in one development direction, especially he urges those Telecommunication and ICT Enterprises to have a close co working, to get full access of well service delivery to their consumers” i would like to emphasize that its too indispensable that our Telecommunication Enterprise have changed their current attitudes towards their dis integration and have a common code their service to be easily consumed by the people and ,quickly covered the needs of the customers”

ICT8ict12Mohamed Abdurraheem was behaving of Some-cable company told to cooperate is the best way only that Somaliland can achieve its goals, and he mentioned that Some-cable already played its seen-able role the development of the Somaliland ICT Sectors “on behaving of Some-cable company think everyone here is today can see what Some-cable done for example we made line of inter-wireless Networks from Djibouti to Somaliland”

The Vice President of Somaliland had over see to small compos of their exhibition in which he flatter Some-cable,s provision in to Somaliland ICT sectarian role they have played and the Vice President encouraged them to escalate their effort of internet Wireless providing.



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