Somaliland ICT Conference” Them” ICT for Development, Empowering Success


Hargeisa (SH)-Early morning all seats were occupied and each invitee was camp and in-sighting to be here as part of the huge delegates whose were participating this above title conference, approximately 250 delegates are willing to participate this ICT Development conference.ICT1 1ct2

Somaliland Communication and Technology along with the Ministry of Communication is hosting this ICT conference, which almost Commercial enterprises companies of ICT and Telecommunication departments are exhibiting their products, to attract hearts of the local Society, they more of new Customers come to their Business Centers buying a lot of goods.

1ct4Somaliland Vice President Abdurrahman Saylie and the Telecommunication and Technology Dr Abdiwali,Ministry of Finance Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire,Dahabshiil,Somtel Telesom,Some -cable  leaders,Youth department and view foreign number are anticipating this conference “All ICT and Telecommunication sectors are participating this meeting” Director of ICT and Communication led by Somtel,Dahabshiil,Telesom,Some-cable and True cable whose without their contributions this conference wouldn’t be able to be held” Ali Abudllaahi Dahir.

ict5Dr. Abdiwali Sheikh Sufi is the Minister of Telecommunication told this kind of ICT conference will be held by yearly as to assess the development of Somaliland ICT touchable and furitable in the coming future “this kind of meeting conference will be held by yearly including to coin a center for ICT training” Minister of ICT and Telecommunication.

ICT6Also the Minister lastly thanks for those delegate led the Vice President, and the narrator invited the Microphone to Dahabshiil and Somtel Representative Hassan Sheikh Sufi and he pointed out that there is a lot of opportunities which is visible to be looked down with vital eyes ” we have a lot of opportunity in accordance with the ICT vital links and as we Dahabshiil and Somtel we played a big role which yet Somaliland is indulging from young to old age people”

1CT7Hassan Sheikh gave details to what they have achieved so far  Technologically either Telecommunications and the benefits of the  high speed up of Internet which “we need a policy for this high development ICT sector form the Government led by the Communication and ICT Ministry”

ICT8Abdurraheem was behaving of Some-cable company told to cooperate is the best way only that Somaliland can achieve its goals, and he mentioned that Some-cable already played its seen-able role the development of the Somaliland ICT Sectors “on behaving of Some-cable company think everyone here is today can see what Some-cable done for example we made line of inter-wireless Networks from Djibouti to Somaliland”

ICT9GTS “the important of the ICT is wide than what we can minimize shortly like this meeting and as GTS we made a huge progress in accordance with the 5 steps we have provided including the driving cars and the database of civilians are part of what we are proud of to do for our society”

ICT10“As GTS we are ICT of local Company and we are the youngest company of ICT but we done wide than our age because we employed already a number of Somaliland Youth who, s have graduated from Universities” he added “recently we Advertised jobs in our office jobs and already its being applied by number of young educators”

ICT11The Director of Telesom Company Abdikarim Mohamed Eid had spoke oratory and he gave detailed information since era of Somaliland ICT establishment obstacles including shortage of knowledge, which today Somaliland ICT overcome by the huge efforts done ICT departments of Somaliland led his company as he mentioned “Somaliland ICT had its era obstacles which were surrounding it and because i remember once a day that i have conversation with expert of ICT foreign who, s jock me with major weakness of our ICT at that time “Abdikarim what more weakness i,m seeing your Telecommunication service” and he told that he answered “that is our capacity”

ict12“Thanks to Allah today we have reached a touchable service to our Society form Conner to Conner to deliver a satisfactory enjoyments what is deliver by Somaliland Telecommunications but as Telesom i believe that we done a successful and thankful service” and he added that Companies should give more care to their Employees and be kind fullness “here also i would like to mention Somaliland Telecommunication Companies should have kind hands to their Servants and more look down for their tight circumstances if we want to have fully reached our ICT Goals” Abdikarim Mohamed Eid.

ict13Minister of Finance development Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire detailed That its too indispensable to keep on on going efforts of the ICT Development between the Telecommunication companies and the Government institutions.

ict14ict15Vice President of Somaliland Mr. Saylie told it should be kept to gather by both Companies of ICT and the Government, and he mentioned the quickly connection of the ICT form one to another Conner to Conner “Mr. Sailie had officially made cut off rob that two days of business exhibition which commonly business sectors are made full of their business good and stood on one by one sector in that exhibition place.



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