Sahal Sophisticate Technology Has Played In A Unanimously Admired Role In ICT Conference


Hargeisa (SH)-The local Engineering Software Known Sahal Tech become the most influenced Software Company In Somaliland,that huge indulge had  happened at, Maan-soor Hotel where, the Somaliland ICT Conference was taken place,while Sahal Tech and other ICT local Companies were Invited this two days of ICT meeting Discussion.

SAHAL2sahal5That Local Company,s General CEO Engineer Abdirasheed Mohamed Ismail was among those invited to have their briefing lectures at the Podium Stage, to enlighten about the Somaliland ICT development and each to expose his Company,s done step forward so far in Somaliland.

sahal6SAHAL1Therefore Engineer Abdirasheed narrated as detailed and or excitability to what is doing or did by his Sahal Company, and this is what he had spoken at  Stage “In Generally Somaliland ICT is smoothly making growing up speed and i can mentioned partially Sahal Tech achievements for the last election Voter Card of eye graphing which we have been successfully won from more than 24 of of International foreign Companies” Engineer Abdirasheed Mohamed Ismail.

Following to his speech Engineer told that Sahal Technology Company is coined by only himself earlier when he got his full of self confidence and made other Software Programs for the local Companies or other Governmental Institutions like the Somaliland Central Bank in which his Sahal Technology Company is closely working that Central Bank side of the ICT Programs.

SAHAL7SAHAL8When he was speaking to the press he said “Sahal Tech is the biggest Software Company In Somaliland because it does a lot of Software Engineering Programs including last election of Voter card in Somaliland Sahal Tech was the only local Company won successfully to make it”

“We do a lot of Software Engineering Programs which before Somaliland voters used to do double votes but when Sahal won to be selected form those foreign Companies we made all fabrication and double fake voting and the result become a clear and transparent and trustable voting way” he told the Press.

The CEO OF Sahal Tech remarked that its a wounder full and high delicious for Sahal Tech now to be engaging with developing another Software program for the Dubai owned for the world ports DP World “its pleasure for us that now we are engaging within a Sophisticate Software program for DP World which will used to work in five African Countries” CEO.

Head of Sahal Tech told that they reached a huge success when they won form other foreign Companies whose were not work perfectly and always their production service were not satisfaction to the Somaliland Electoral Committee NEC, for their poor Software of voter election “there is another most successful  step forward we did and that is the failing of Former Foreign of Voter Card registration whom have been replaced by Sophisticate local Engineering Software company” CEO.

Abdirasheed told that yet there is a huge obstacles which Sahal Tech is facing and which is coming form illegal windows or risks for those Citizen Companies may be are using as foreigner Software programs “yet we are dealing with a major obstacles which is coming from us other local Citizen are using foreign Software in which Sometimes it might cause a risk with whom are using while may be our local Software programs would be benefit fullness of them”


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