Global Technology Solution Enterprise has widely participated Somaliland ICT Conference


Hargeisa (SH)-GTS – Global Technology Solutions Enterprise was has played well taken position to participating of Somaliland ICT Conference, which also that local company had invited to the podium Stage, and Khalid Shiekh Muhumed who is the CEO  of the company had give detailed inside activities does by their Company.

GTS1Also Mr. Khalid mentioned that GTS has line Ministry with Ministry of Telecommunication and ICT which they have mutual cooperation and perpetual relationship “here we are happy today to be part of those local Enterprises and since we been ever done a lot of Technology Solutions and have earned a lot of customers” Khalid Sheikh Muhumed.

ICT1GTS “the important of the ICT is wide than what we can minimize shortly like this meeting and as GTS we made a huge progress in accordance with the 5 steps we have provided including the driving cars and the database of civilians are part of what we are proud of to do for our society”

GTS2“As GTS we are ICT of local Company and we are the youngest company of ICT but we done wide than our age because we employed already a number of Somaliland Youth who, s have graduated from Universities” he added “recently we Advertised jobs in our office jobs and already its being applied by number of young educators”

On the other hand That CEO of GTS remarked they have a good relationship with the Government institutions especially, the Telecommunication and ICT Ministry line,rather than they solved a lot of ICT problem solutions in Somaliland especially in Hargeisa Societal markets and the he told they have close working with Finance Ministry and other patterns.


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