Innovate Venture Officially Announced Winners Of the 14 Small Business Investment


Hargeisa (SH)- Innovate Venture Had officially announced in a highly organized Ceremony Yesterday, at Maan-soor Hotel Winners of 14 Small Business whose selected from more than 1000 Business Applicants.

What is disservice to be mentioned is that all the Winners are not based only in Somaliland but, part of them Came from Mogadishu, and all the way cough thousands of mils to attend this golden opportunity, on the other hand those winners will have a chance to get more touchable business training to manage wisdom mind with their coming business since they already won.

Besides those Business winners and the administration of the Innovate Ventures there were other partners with Innovate Ventures like Oxfam Organization and Telesom Company as  Khalid Da’ud told while he was on the stage lecturing briefing introductory of the ceremony “today we are here for to announce officially winners of the Innovate Venture start up acceleration program”

“We are declaring those had a tough competition with other contestants are with us here to hear ears of all connected our program activities, through the media today” Khalid Da’ud also enlighten some schedules of the program during the live events “there will be a father details as things will go through in the coming months and all Youth winners will to come here one by one giving details about their Business ideas and the tight lobbing situations which they went along with the our partners Agencies and enterprise speakers spoke wow they are reacting with their selected winners and what farther more they will donate to those Youth winners” that was added Khalid Da’ud.

The counter director of innovate Ventures  Bashir Ali Abdi told that there are lot of progress which have been doing by since 2012 when the Agency of Innovate Ventures officially got office in Somaliland and start up its doing programs “since 2012 there was a lot of our program activity progresses and it seems that Innovate taken a lion share to the job creation through out income generations,helping and given training the young ages who have the idea of entrepreneurship and the investment of the kind of known Star up business, which is the  most risk business in all business” Bashir Ali Abdi.

Waging his speech he added “the Innovate Ventures have been busy with since it created this program known “Innovate Accelerator Program” which its nearest perpetration will be “Hal abuurka Ganacsiga “the Business entrepreneurship Idea”

The Program coordinator of Innovate Ventures told having with cooperation with the partners led by Oxfam and Telsom we have working for how to give helping and up grading with a whole economy of Somaliland especially the Business which is known “the Accelerator Start up Business”

Abdurrahman Aar who, s been behaving of Telesom and he told that its honorable for Telesom to attend this ceremony announcement which budding and end Telesom were with this Innovate Programs “today its a wide status for us that all ready to us the ideas of the winners before they officially announced as they are winners of this start up Acceleration program” Abdurrahman Aar.

Another rank official from Innovate Ventures remarked that Innovate is pleasing more to stand up with those Young Entrepreneurship Business “today we are a very happy to be here with you and to help those Young Small Business is our top priority and i hopefully that you will reach your Goals later on”




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