The second day analyzing of Solicitor law debate has come closed


Hargeisa (SH)-The second Day analyzing of the General Solicitor law debate has come closed but before the closing there were a lot of hot debates between the delegates who, s were participating this law debate meeting.

Abdurrahman Hiirad is the narrator of this debate meeting and firstly he opened this meeting saying “today is the second Day of our discussion to the law of the Solicitor office and we will have the Group presentations as we had announced yesterday  at the closing time and welcome the flour to the Group one presentation”X6

Lift Lawyer Abdurrahman Hiirad , Deputy Solicitor Hussein Balal and Hamse Barkhad

The head presenter of the Group one exposed some additions and omissions including some of points suggestion and comments which is relating to the dimensions of articles which it carries out, like salary of the Solicitor office and also his duty activities “the question is that General Solicitor is totally different form other institutions more because he is a public defender” Raqia Ibrahim from the office of the Goverment Human Rights.

The debate tension escalated after the the Group presentation exposed questions of how the duties and responsibilities of the Solicitor is working like the percussion on all public against ” it seems to me its a good comes out and it was positively debate that two days we have been here and again its fully fruit full” Raqia Ibrahim.x7

At the conclusion there have been briefly speeches remarked by the deputy of the Solicitor Hussein Balal and the head of the sub-law committee of the representative house MP Hassan Hufane Dharaar who,s told it was positive meeting which participants were freely exposing their ideas during the stage debate.x7



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