Heavy fighting reportedly between Alshab and Goverment Troops take place


Daynuunaay (SH)-The source coming from the Daynuunaay district say that there were this morning a heavy fighting between Alshabab insurgency and the Federal Government Troops, the report says Alshabab had waged an attacks in a different angles using the different of disaster weapons.

The Government Troops had tightly defended and fired on like what kind of weapons which Alshab used, the local people says that Alshabab earlier had the supper hand but later on Government Military had returned the success and chased after those attackers of Alshabab as the report says.

The fought district of Dayuunaay is fa from 30 KM from Baydhabo, which is the city of the west autonomy of Somalia, this is not new to the ears of the people but many times had happened like attack and defends between Alshabab and the Somali Military forces.

Yet no confirmed casualties both sides but later on Alshabab as their habitual custom might say the killed a number of Military figures while the State media is hopefully to claim they had they supper hand and killed more Alshabab attackers.




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