True Cable Channel TV held an amazing of customary award ceremony


Hargeisa (SH)-Early of this morning thousands of families were get on their cars to the Hoodale 6 of Maan-soor Hotel where the rewarding ceremony was taking place to take on their first seats, consequence many mothers were seeing carrying hand of their young Children.

T2The most influence of cabal TV Channel named True Cable TV awarded a number of its customers who, s recognized this year, s beneficiaries and before the awarding time there was a different speech tongues by the honorable gusts participants including the former Agriculture Minister Professor Farah Geedoole who flattered True Cable for its sense full with their customer car and ethical airing.t4

This award ceremony have participated thousands of Hargeisa district habitants both men, Woman and Children while a elegant of teenagers who, s watches the films more like love acted and romance moves which is the most watches films at the homes especially the Woman  teenagers from 15 to 20 ages while some of men are following other move like religious deduction and histories of Islam and etc.

T5The Director of this organizer Cable TV Saed Mire who opened this ceremony speeches told it’s a big feeling that this ceremony be held with its schedule time and thanked to the Almighty Allah for his enabled this precious moment “it a very pleasure for us to welcome you this award ceremony which we want to shire happens with some of you who, s we are here given them a highly quality of home equipment including

T6“If we made any deceiving we will be accountable for Allah who seeing us” the manager of TRUE CABLE TV Saed and he added “there is a question for those lifted their papers from their homes and already done the exam what will we do? No problem they will come to our office” he remarked.

T7Mr. Saed told as True Cabal channel they are too delicious with happens of their rewarded customers and this is what he had remarked “if we are True cabal Channel today we are very pleased with you as you are our beneficiaries and also I hope your rest of the gusts you are so pleased with our beneficiary ”  “my name is Hamda and I’m thankful True cable for their rewarding me”

T8Really this ceremony totally was different other ceremonies we used to have seen in the hall stages even if it has a same aims but TRUE CABLE TV made a too fascination way of channel, because their beneficiaries s naming at the stage most were the Children, and it seems that this time beneficiaries were scheduled.T9

“my name is Ifrah Mohamed Ismail I used to watch True cable channel since last two years and I get indulge of sense full films and I say thank you more True cable Channel” Ifrah Mohamed Ismail.

10“First I’m thanking to the Almighty and second True Cabal enterprise who, s added me their rewarded people” teenage Girl who have been given a Smart Telephone of Samsung Galaxy “my name is Nasreen Mohamed Sheikh Farah and I’m very happy to be rewarded by True Cabal Channel.T11T12T13T14T15T16T17T18T19T20

The early noticed Competitors were more than 1000 above who registered to as benefit candidates but only 30 people were come out at the end results of the selected awarding ceremony that, s got good quality equipment including the Cloth Machines, Smart Telephones, LG TVs and etc, while other were given honorable  certificates.


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