International Youth day of 2019 celebration held by Havoyoco and ministry of youth


Hargeisa (SH)- The Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Organization (Havoyoco) held ceremony of celebration of the international day of 2019 at Maan-soor Hotel which at least 200 people were anticipated  led by the vice President of Somaliland Abdurrahman Sailie and number of Ministries including the Youth and Sport Minister Boos Mire Mohamed, information and culture Minister Mohamed Musa Dirie and the executive director of Havoyoco Abdullahi Hassan.

H2Mr. Abdullahi had the first open speech as well as he had briefly highlighted the agenda of this ceremony and this is what ha remarked “today is the international youth day of 2019 First here I’am given my honorable to the Vice President of Somaliland Abdurrahman Sailie,Minister of Youth and other gusts who are anticipating this international youth day saying welcome to this meeting which is organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport Mr. Boos Mire Mohamed” Havoyoco executive director.

h4The Ministry of youth and sports Boos Mire Mohamed had a shortly remarks where he figure out the important of Havoco havoyoco role in the Society and now we are welcome the Vice President to the podium” Minister of Youth and sport Boos Mire Mohamed.

H5The vice president“The program of National work is part of Youth supportive” Vice President Abdurrahman Sailie endorsed this meeting day of the world youth day of 2019 and he made tongue tight for the certainty of the youth circumstances, which he Vice President encouraged Youth to be engaged more as actively as productive sector indeed to take part development of the country “Somaliland Government is too engaging to encourages our Youth and the National level Work is part of the Youth up grading”

H6The deputy of the National  Youth Mr. Khalid highly emphasized the important of the Youth role and he give warns tribalism “you are only real brother is not your sibling but he or she is the one who can be your good role model for his talent” Deputy of the National Youth Sonyo Mr. Khalid

H7Mr. Abdinasir who, s  is currently member of reader league of Berbera mentioned part of his era history from Push to University teacher “ I was born in the push and used to car animal of my family and later on decided to go to the Urban towns and came to Berbera where I started to my first class of Primary and I finished years after and later on joined to the University and praise be to Allah become a teacher at University” Abdinasir.

H3H11This international day of Youth, s slogan is the (transformation of education development) Oxfam Agency was including a number of international organization who, s were part of this event memo-ration ,thus,  who was delegating that Organization told that Oxfam is currently is engaging to educational sector and yet forwarding to give youth supportive of education programs.Ahmed Mixile was behaving of the UNFPA and he this is what he had remarked “UNFPA is willing to stand with  youth development projects throughout the Youth institutions” Ahmed Mixile.

h8Minister of network Councils of the Parliament Mohamed Hajji Elmi told that it’s a very indispensible Youth to upgrade their talents and self development “here I’am giving you encourage Youth to go ahead more before because of world is swiftly moving forward” Omar Miigane the director of Sonyo Umbrella enlighten that there is a number of Hand cup deaf members are here today but they are not avoid normally to hear your voice but her will be a translator but eagerly I would be happy if the Vice President is present and not leave from us” Omar Miigane.

10Members of the deaf your organization have expressed their feeling shared some of their future life development “we want Government to help us bother education and logistic budget like other institutions as yearly especial budget and thank you said that Mohamoud Abdurrahman.

h12The director general of Labor and family Ministry Abdurrasheed Ibrahim Abdi told that the rising of the youth are there highest rate of time and it’s important to solve youth problem issues “you youth here I’m giving you to have a commitment actively participateon” Abdurrasheed Ibrahim.

H13Here we given thanks those foreign Agencies for their standing with us to give chins “do not seek a job but try to create a job” he included his flour speech.H17

Minister of Information and told he and his colleagues are to give side way to the youth “once we used to say like this moment “if we the youth but now is the time to give side away for the youth to have hand over their chains”

H14Mohamed Dirie mentioned security should be to the top agenda for every of youth member, and then a poet young Mr. Hamze who told that is the top poets of horn “you know our number of Society is too less and my songs are watching more than 40 Millions” Mubarak Abdullahi Ibrahim is the director of planning of Ministry and he presented main points and priorities of National Youth development sector “world is in contest and the contest is dependent on economy and without economy one single sector can step forward unless it reaches its goals through self encouragement” Mubarak Abdullahi.

H15three minutes of film documentary in which talking young deaf culmination and self struggle to over come their obstacles which hindered more of their dream future, a girl who, s back form US University after she graduated from the Abarso Private secondary school which is owned by an American man she shortly briefed her history of education “firstly i grow up in Burao where i was leaving but lately moved to Abarso secondary School where i have earned my top figure reward of certificate and my top of GP allowed me to flown to the United States of America and registered in my University and back home recently where i,m working with a begin foundation of School in the eastern of Hargeisa” Khadan.

H16A number of certificates were awarded those prominent activists both ladies and Boys whom been given awards and selected from their friends for their out spoke of the society as they are philanthropists. Banner teem questions and debates were a very interests inside hall of the seats “now i want rise what is the most critical obstacles hindered youth to get jobs” Narrator of the event Ahmed Ali.

“i believe there is a may reasons but the major problems which hindered us from getting jobs tribalism is the top one because i have no any confidence with my certificate qualification and what i have been learning for many years getting hands with my lovely family because of here is a in equality and injustice in our Government institutions” young girl who, s hand up hand to the micro phone.



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