Somali government and Bihi leaders meet in Saudi Arabia


Mecca (SH)The Somali Sides led by the Ministers of the federal Government and Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi com-paining with his interior Minister Mohamed Kahain were sow published on the social media standing to gather as one group in the Hajj performance while they were holding cards of the Hajj.

The atmosphere talks between two sides were escalated up as far tension smokes up following the goat ship exporting from Bebera port to the Sa’udi Arabia banned to go there reasoning that Sa’udi Arabia conditioned Somaliland livestock exporting to its land should have a singed letter by the Federal Minister of livestock otherwise no allowance for Somaliland livestock exportation to Sa’udi Arabia, and the tension between the Mogadishu and Hargeisa rated high as not seen before since the currently ruling President of the Federal Mohammed Abdullaahi Farmajo took the chair.

on the other hand is been quoted that the State Minister stated his own of Social media page all is nice and as well as he is happy for this brotherly meeting to gather.

But we cannot forecast either its been made closed by the sense of the soul in Hajj atmosphere only or there is a suddenly close feeling as an forecasting of the political dynamic faces and all it will be depend on after each return home as they react and answered the questions willing to be asked by the media soon at the landing of Airport, and the questionable point is all south delegation are laughing expect one and the President Musa and his Minister are not sow what is your reaction?


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