AU especial Representative says Joint Military Against Alshab to continue fight


Mogadishu (SH)-The joint Military of federal Government and the AU stabilizing troops along with their other pushers who give the logistical support says they precisely will continue to wage huge attacks on against those Militant of Alshabab who, s controls a wide rang of the south central of Somalia.

INRKAARThe chief of of Amisom says that the coalition will continue to fight against Alshabab militants to liberate another districts which yet is under controlling of Alshabab,Ambassador Madeira who was speaking at the congregating dinner meeting of Eid Al-adha told “all main center places in Mogadishu which is always populating should be protected and secure by Amisom” 

Ambassador Madeira noticed that close relationship between the Federal security sector and the Amisom which is currently a very tight is made possible to step forward and touchable progress in accordance with recent record of security status “today partners are standing of to help Somalia to generate a well trained and equipped forces” Ambassador Madeira.


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