The quality control Agency celebrated its Five year strategy 2020


Hargeisa (SH)-The Quality control Agency is celebrating its five year plan strategy, in which it expressing the value of the importing items like dates and the quality of its inside, either Medicine, food,juice,cloths,creams, and all soft food kinds.

BERSHIA1 bershiya2A lot of participants took their seats at early morning delighting to be part of this celebrating ceremony which is officially opened by the President of Somaliland Musa Bihi Abdi ride siding with a dozen of this cabinet Ministries and the heads of other Governmental institutions.

f0Mr. Faisal who ,s  is part of this commission briefly explained the aim of this celebration and he mentioned that its the announcement or standing up of this Agency “i hope this is the standing up of our commission Agency and we welcome you all led by the President of Somaliland” he opened this alters.D2

Before all there have been cultural Team of Hido-Academy who, s showed well admired music dance, Musa Hassan Hajji is the chairman of the quality control Commission told that this commission has been established 2010 and he enlightened its a observation Agency to qualitize the item values “here i want to thanks more Mr. Patric who, s from British institute but currently working  with an Ugandees organization” Chairman

C1“Now i want to show you 10 standards of our done activities which we wan to increase at the coming times” and he added “we have passed yet more challenges led by the shortage of the budget but here again am fully thanking to the President of Somaliland who, s up graded and allocated enough budget our commission and that is shows you the huge inspiring of this Agency” Chairman.

Commissionaire of this Agency Mr. Musa told that they are very eager to get Laps of checking items which swiftly can ensure to get access checking of every thing they need easily to allow knowing more duty of activities.also Chairman Musa Hassan told they have 4 major line Ministries including Health development Ministry.

Q2President Musa Bihi told that recently there is a huge increasing of the in complete child birth Psychologically along with mental illness which he attributed that it caused by the less quality of item food and juice sweets bring out sea of the country and also he figured point the bad car quality which easily can can crush importing to the country is another problem indeed needs to over come through the quality control commission “you know that we have been dealing with incomplete of Child birth Psychologically in our country which i believe is caused by the in quality food items which is importing from outside of our country by our commercial sectors and only it will overcome it through actions done this

musaPresident Bihi ” its an acceptable Nation troops to die without aimless because its not a wisely only one tribe to kill our Nation Troops but i want to tell you our strategy is to capture those leading the pure aggression but we want to captured them through peacefully and no damage to them”

The President Musa point out the recently concealing of Somaliland Political Parties to endorse their day before agreement to forward the held of the elections and this is how he lied down “as you are aware of there was an agreement of our Political Parties to forward one way election and that was a very delicious step forward in accordance with how fare eagerly we are culminating to held our coming elections to gather at the time before we had allocated”

Mr. Patrice Ntiyamira British Standards Institute senior expert  elaborated how this plan strategy is potential for Somaliland Society and he hopped that coming 5 year plan of this commission will enhance Somaliland development.

Liban Yousuf is the vice Minister of the Health development and enlightened this strategy plan is a very applicable to all of Somaliland institutions especially his Health Ministry and he promised that the Health Ministry is committed to apply this quality control commission doing steps “as we the Ministry of Health we will be track on the quality control commission” Vice Minister.

Mohamed Hajji is the Minister of the Parliament council network and he honored this commission Agency for its engagement to ensure all qualities of importing things values “i think this commissionaire is very needed in our Society and i encouraging you all of us to work with this Agency” Mohamed Hajji


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