6 Solders of Amisom killed and others got injures by an ambushing of Alshabab


Balcad (SH)-A six solders of African mission in Somalia have killed and others have injured after they hit come across land mine barred on the road by the Islamist insurgency Alshab along with fired attack near the road side while they trying to defend form those attackers.

sources of this news says at least three other solders were wounded while another two are yet missing where they pun shoes and leg, this attack is following seriously attack they done in the Banadir Region State where number of the Governors have killed and others injured among them the Governor of Banadir Region who, s seriously wounded and flown to Qatar to cure him.

Those killed Solders are from Burundi troops who are part of the African mission in Somalia, this attack took place between Balcadd district and the sub district of Qalimow which is not so far from Balcadd district.




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