What achievement So far has been done NDP2, Progress report, Ministry of planning


Hargeisa (SH)-Ministry of planning and the National development held phase 2 of the National development Planning, that conference took place at Maan-soor Hotel, in which different institutions are participating, Governmental agencies  and number of Ministries including UN representatives, both international and local NGOs.

Vice Minister Engineer Hussein Buuni and the director General of the Planning Ministry were hosting those coming delegates to attend this high level meeting “here we are today to expose from 2017 to 2019 what so far achieved to the National Development of NDP2″ remarked that words” Narrator of this meeting worded these alters Ms. Ubah.

A2The director of the Ministry of Planning Mubarak Abdullahi briefly indicated the agenda of the world community agreed upon to gather which partially Somaliland is to apply it and this is what he remarked “briefly i will state some pullets of the planning sectors which is contains of 5 pillars and 9 cross cuttings”

A3Mr. Mubarak told also there are another major points of inside activity outcomes which is to stood on how and what all is done by in different sectors either Government institutions, UN, International Agencies and the local NGOs” Director General thankfully to former Director who, s replaced to another Ministry Mr. Abdurrasheed Ibrahim Abdi for his talent and major efforts and other sub directors of the Ministry and the technical committee who, s facilitated this report meeting” he closed these alters his briefing stage.

A4Head of Monitoring and evaluation department Mr. Faisal Abdurrahman Madar had a well prepared slide of document report of this NDP 11 meeting ” i believe those International  Agencies are working well with us but precisely it depends on how we are ready to guide them to the right way and cooperate with their activities” Faisal Madar.

Nafisa Yusuf Mohamed is the director of Nagaad Network Umbrella and she shortly emphasized that is a very important Woman and Girl development should be inclusive this National development, because an Nation we have the Sustainable Development Goals that is to be focused on Gender issues” she told.

A5Mr. Rashad on behaving of UN Agencies endorsed this exposing report of the National NDP 11 “i was following this precious report and say that it was a very nice” and he added “again on behaving of the UN we are with you as Somaliland Goverment and ready to work with you in the coming NDP 111 and 1v and thank you all for your doing professionally this report exhibition” Al irshad

SAJINMinistry of Finance Mohamoud Hassan Sajin hoped more it will be reached up to next but he enlighten yet there is more gaps while he told at least some progress is done by us and the international community is aware of that “before there has been a major Bureaucracy but after we the new Goverment came we made a lot of facilities for our duties for example we established an  office chairing commonly with another institution to continues our duty facilities” Ministry Sajin.

jamaMineral Minister Jama Haji Mohamoud Egal presented hopping introductory of hidden Minerals in Somaliland which is yet unclear how far depth amount its but he pointed there are international enterprises whom they agreed with to explore covering of the hidden Minerals,but he told there is challenges and weighs on that exploring efforts which is coming from those tribes leaving that areas of the Mineral exploring.

allMr. Jama appealed to solve that barbaric claiming of clans to that land areas, instead widely to expand and nationalize and Governmentize all land and soils “here i appealing to protect all clan claims that land soils is belong to them and returned back it to hand of the Government governing” Jama Hajji

Minister of Environment Madam Shukri Hajji Ismail Bandare  told that she is very indulge how this report have been prepared but if yet its not prepared i would add something omitted but i agree actually its well done job” she said.Buuni

Vice Minister of planning Engineer Hussein Buuni had a short speech which was touching different angles, as well as thanking to former Planning Minister Awale Shir-wa who removed from the Ministry and substituted the current Minister and the director Abdurrasheed Ibrahim Abdi whom have taken a potential role and without them this Progress report wouldn’t available .





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