Somaliland Authority banned :Somali Youth Summit and changed to Somaliland Youth Summit


Hargeisa (SH)-The Government of Somaliland has banned this morning, the Somali Youth Summit which used to held in Hargeisa last years as yearly form all Somalia.

That was supposing to take place ad Hargeisa University, while all the delegates arrived already in Hargeisa and as well as the delegates were preparing to moving to attend that well organized summit conference suddenly noticed that this meeting is banned reasoning only for the name it holds as “Somali Youth”Somaliyouth

Already this Somali Youth summit used to be take place in Hargeisa with no interruption, but this year time it interrupted, and than later on its been changed to “Somaliland Youth Summit” then allowed to escalate its summit conference activities in Hargeisa University Meeting Hall.

“yes it has been suspended earlier but now its moving on forward smoothly after changing the name “Somali” substituted to “Somaliland” that was told by one of the University of Hargeisa sub directories while he was talking to Somalihouse given details to that issue of the summit.



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