An old district owned by Fiqi-cumar clan was demolished by Ogaden militias


Laap (SH)-The confirmed news source from the old Laap district says that Ogadeen militias have demolished under old district Laab resident homes and all business buildings only for enemy ethnicity based the chronic quarrel of the land ownership between Fiqi-omr and Ogadeen clans since ever its remember in the history. laab1 laab2

The armed militias of Ogadeen waged an attack to this district while the people were sleeping in the mid night an horrified the innocent civilians who, s were peacefully slept earlier of their night, but unfortunately suddenly they wake up horrible sounds of fire pullets and ring of the crushing Bulldozers to their all properties either resident homes or business buildings.

Yet no death conformation besides torture and beating to whom tried to stop that deliberate aggression and pave way for breaking for new fighting between those two neighborhood clans which is too fearful it will left more bad consequences for the future time.

Nearing this foolishly attacks on those civilians says those militia attackers were loyal to the administration of the Somali State region power and it was organized from the Ogadeen districts to hindered any development step forwarded in this area resident along with all other districts owned and populated by Fiqi-Omar clans.

After this aggression attack done on to those innocent civilians and every things were demolished Woman carrying out their Children were shown on the Social media standing alone to gather side away from their crushed properties as deprived they are by those Ogadeen militias.yet no any feed back and retaliation actions form the deprived side of Fiqi-Omar clan administration under the Somali State and also no answer from the interim President office Mostaphie Mohamed Cagjar and the security institutions towards this new  tragedy Aggression.


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