Somsite web-design company have been awarded for its design and decoration


Hargeisa (SH)-The web design and the decoration of the ceremony organizing have gained awarding for honorable certification from the Somaliland Banking and financial sector promotion conference, the awarded web-designing and decoration company is recognized that it was the best company wined that conference stage banner decoration which is unanimously agreed by the organizer team of that ceremony this Web design Somsite company deserved to be awarded honorable certificate.

SomsiteSomsiteThe narrator of the conference up voice called to the chairman of that company Sa’ad Muse Abdi to come to the stage and receive that honorable award certificate ” now here we are calling to the Web designing and decoration company Somsite have been recognized its the best Web design and ceremony decoration and he is being given that certificate Somaliland vice president Mr Sailie along with the Central Bank heads and the Financial Minister Sa’ad Ali Shire.


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