Dahabshiil Group of Companies exhibited Mobile Money strategy and sophisticated new system


Hargeisa (SH)-The most reliable and the trustful Banking and financial Money transferring Company well known as Dahabshiil have presented the well endorsed Technology system of Mobile Money transferring at the day two and closing the Somaliland Banking and financial. Dahabshiil is an multiple Company having different sectors ,like first remittance sector, Telecommunication sector named Somtel, International Bank and Micro Islamic system, which stands to give credit investment to give supportive motivation, those willing join the business market.Fuad1

Fu’ad Ahmed Nuux is the head of who,s is holding  degree of business bachelor from Hargeisa University have been working Dahabshiil departments for a long since for a long time, nearing 15 years and was delegate representative in that conference to Dahabshiil, and he had brief pleading to the participants how the new system of E-dahab-pay works including multi options like, to enable you that you can get access to us your Mobile E-dahab-pay Number of Somtel like the credit card, master card and visa card and etc.This news addition system will enabling its users easily to have access to get tickets of the international Airlines while you are setting at your home with your lovely families or in your office not leaving out and cutting far distance kilo miters, as the customers were used in the era time.World5

Mr. Nuuh had a panel discussion with his enterprise counter parties, in which had its interest to those of conference gust delegates including organizers and other participants titled topic Challenges and opportunities of the E-money mobile and had given question to digest for the people how he can make comparison with these two opposite element either challenges and opportunities they have “we know that every thing has its own risk and benefits and this system of mobile money had a lot of potential opportunities than its challenges because already i have outlined that everybody he or she having Somtel Mobile could have access to get direct booking ticket either locally or internationally at the Ethiopia Airline and that is one for example of its potential opportunities” Fu’ad Ahmed Nuuh.MAAX4




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