Christian Mother in New Zealand with her 2 daughters converted to ISLAM after attack


A Christian mother in New Zealand, including her two daughters, was reverted to Islam and became a Muslim after the New Zealand mosque attack, thousands of people in New Zealand will be converted to Islam soon InshaAllah.  May the Almighty guide them and us as well to the right path. Ameen Ya Rab.

Today after the noon prayer these three women converted to Islam, and last month sonny William mother & his friend rugby player also converted to Islam after the attack of New Zeland mosque.

Within 10 days after the Al-Noor mosque attack, a famous rugby player “Ofa Tu’unafasi” has become a Muslim, all the black players originally from Tongo visited victims of the Christchurch terrorists attack in the hospital over the weekend with the fellow Muslim player and converted Muslim, Sonny Bill Williams. He described them as an inspiration and prayed for their speedy recovery.
Welcome to, Islam brother.

Sonny Bill was also a converted Muslim, he accepted Islam in mutual funds life insurance company after watching one of his friend dying on the hospital bed. Our old page with 1M likes “I Love You ALLAH” has been deleted by facebook because Christian reported our page when we published an article claiming 350 people converted to Islam after the Al Noor mosque attack, we are saddened but ALLAH is the giver, we have created a new one pls click on the link and like – Like our Facebook Page “I Love You ALLAH”

Many more were saying that we are earning online money or we are making money on the internet, sad to know these views about us. But ALLAH is watching, we know what we published own a factual background somehow it takes time to clarify the doubts of the people but it doesn’t mean that you people should report a page with high potential reach or likes about 10,000,000

May ALLAH raises the value of ISLAM day by day by reverting many more famous personalities to the ISLAM and soon Islam will dominate the world, type InShaALLAH if you are a Muslim.
With OFA the mother of Sonny Bill Williams also accepted Islam today. She was interested in Islam since his son reverted to it, and that attack gives her a rethinking to become a Muslim now.
How beautifully God has risen the status of Islam after that attack, you can kill Muslims but you can’t kill or destroy our faith (ISLAM)

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On the 15.03.2019, around 50 Muslims were killed in New Zealand in  Christchurch mosque Attack after a man entered the mosque and started straight firing on the people who were performing their Friday salah at the mosque, due which Muslims community get so much sympathy but on the other hand faces lots of criticism , racism , communalism, hatred from all the non muslims from around the world, but the people of New Zealand showed the message of truthness of the religion of Islam, they showed that humanity comes first and also showed that Islam is the religion of peace by accepting Islam today in New Zealand, around 350 people gathered and at the same time they accepted Islam through one Islamic scholar, May Allah bless every soul which departed on the mosque attack & Allah allow the converts to stay strong on Imaan . Ameen

there are also some rumors that this news is fake we confirmed it from our source but still waiting for the media to cover it, as soon as possible the media started showing it many more Muslims will revert to Islam, by the will of Allah (God) Islam will be the fastest growing religion, Many people were asking proofs so, one member on our page commented and admits that she accepted Islam with more than 350 people in New Zealand, and she was also from New Zealand. After losing a life every then and now Muslims started to invest in Life Insurance scheme to save guard their families and children.
That was a tragic massacre which happened on Friday this march but this conversion of a large number of people in Islam reliefs some stress from Muslims and help to recover the families of the Victims.  We have also posted a screenshot of the reverted sister on our facebook page, Her name is Natalie Jameson, While the majority of the people were calling it fake news & blaming us that we are earning money from FACEBOOK by spreading falsehood regarding the conversions.
Also an image is displayed by many pages and social media accounts and profiles on Facebook, Instagram and social media accounts of a girl named “Syima Eima” a makeup artist social media celebrity from Malaysia, pages were posting that she was killed in New Zealand terror attack by making a collage of her real picture and a martyr girl who was lying down on the ground in pink hijab, u might have seen those post and shared or liked also, be aware of the fake news posted by others. She messaged us on our Page and requested us to display her true story, as you people are coming in a great number to our website so we have put her story here, people are posting that she died and a Palestinian girl, although she is still alive and we talked to her, many were putting her story to display the truth behind the rumor.
for those who were asking for the proof of the reverted story of 350 Muslims, we will soon share an article in which we will attach all the evidence and we also soon posted another article to display the truth behind the “Syima Eima” story. in the meantime please read more about New Zeland attack from our Website thank you.
Even after the attack people from all over the globe take loans to help the victims families financially and economically & socially.
New Zealand says it will reform gun laws. Here’s where policies stand now.
Earlier today, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the government has agreed to reform the country’s gun laws in the wake of Friday’s mosque terror attacks.
Here’s what you need to know about New Zealand’s gun laws:
  • More relaxed laws: New Zealand’s weapons legislation is considered more relaxed than most Western countries outside of the US.
  • No registration required: Gun owners do need a license, but they aren’t required to register their guns — unlike in neighboring Australia.
  • One gun for every 3 people: While authorities do not know exactly how many legally or illegally owned firearms are currently in circulation in New Zealand, estimates put the number at about 1.2 million, according to New Zealand Police. This figure equates to about one gun for every three people — a rate that is considered high when compared with Australia, which has 3.15 million guns, approximately one for every eight people.”
  •  “Attacks on peaceful people in their places of worship are abhorrent,” Nielsen said speaking at the State of Homeland Security address.

    Shooting suspect visited Israel in 2016

    A spokesperson for Israel’s Population & Immigration Authority, Sabine Haddad, told CNN that an Australian citizen by the name of Brenton Tarrant, who was born in 1990, entered Israel as a tourist on Oct. 25, 2016.
    He received a three-month visa on arrival, and he stayed in Israel for nine days.


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