Ethiopia humiliates Somalis one more time!


Anwar Abdifatah

Abiy’s nefarious actions against the credulous Somalis is overwhelming and becoming intractable.The prime minister of Ethiopia tends and maintains downgrading and belittling the rights of the Somali region in Ethiopia. The youngest leader in Africa evokes all the time that, he is doing a transformation, but his pledges became belie. If we mull over what is taking place in Ethiopia, especially the Somali region is becoming blow back.

Because, Somalis are confronting the bad side of the transformation. They face killing every single day, their land is under war and contention, the political representation of the Somali region in the federal level became lame duck. And Abiy is absconding to respond such disparity against the Somalia region.

Abiy nominates Reconciliation and Census Commissions

The prime minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy nominates this commissions at February 12/2019, before one week from now on. The members of these committees are each one 41 members. Somalis, the third largest population in Ethiopia received 2 members only, which means, each committee, they received one member.

The funny part is, the Somali member of the reconciliation commission is a lady, who is half Somali and half Oromo. This young lady, her mother is Oromo. So, you can see how Abiy is downgrading the Somalis! If we juxtapose, Tigray and Somali quotas in this commission, Tigray receives more than 10 members. Knowingly, that Tigray population is half of Somalis population. Dude!

The other side of the coin, the most disputed area is, the Oromo-Somali regions, so, this commission should be assigned mainly to tackle and settle the grudge amongst Oromo and Somalis. In this regard, Somalis should obtain more members in this commission if Ethiopia wants to become this commission fruitful and lucrative.

Cagjar accepts the humiliation quota and becomes obsequious and docile!

The acting and deputy president of the Somali region in Ethiopia, Mustafa Cagjar accepted the latest census in the country, which was underestimated the Somali region’s population.

The essence and the wisdom behind to belittle the population number of the Somali region is, Ethiopia wants to export the gas/fuel which has been explored the Somali region. So, the natural resources will be distributed and shared according to the population census, which means, Somali region gets less expected according to these unfair statistics. So, the humiliation against the Somali region is flagrant! The sickening and shocking are, Cagjar accepts with kudos this provocative census without question and bemoan. Dude!

Cagjar hunts his predecessor in order to ego trip

The incumbent is giving the highest priority hunting and targeting the previous administration in the region led by Abdi Mohamud Omar, who is currently under federal custody.

Cagjar’s administration was attacked plenty of times members of Somali region’s parliament in their residential areas, while some others deprived from their immunity and privilege. So, if we compare the pledges of the acting president during his first speech, he says” I will promote the freedom of speech and the democracy wise”, and these intrusive actions, which is taking place currently in the region is totally contradicting the erstwhile promises.

Furthermore, Cagjar’s cabinet of ministers is doing nothing good in the region. There are no so far touchable attainments in the region since their nomination. Security is getting fragile, people are suffering and bemoaning, business is weakening, the capital city Jigjiga, is losing its beauty and becoming wasteful city.

And, the only thing we hear from his cabinet is, demonizing his predecessor. And the current administration in the region became feckless and reckless. Because, Oromo Para-military militants are killing the innocent Somali community. So, the president’s promises and his actions are incompatible so far, and his earlier pledges became mumbo jumbo and baloney!.

HEEGO became whipping boy!

Heego is unarmed local youth volunteers, who is dedicated and committed to defend their land from the aggressor (Oromo), and anyone who tries to violate their region. Heego is neither political party nor politicians. They are just young both male and female, who is only want to fortress their land. Regrettably, Cagjar’s government is targeting this young group who are hustlers when it comes to protecting their land from the enemy. This emerging revolution is suffering, because of, Cagjar’s government believes that, they are supporting the former president of the region Abdi Mohamud Omar (Abdi Iley) and his previous government.


Qeerroo is Young Oromo movement leads by Jawar Mohamed, young Oromo Diaspora. They are the vanguard of the Oromo revolution, which ultimately paves the way to resign the former Ethiopia’s beleaguered Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Additionally, this youth revolution won to release from the Ethiopian custody, Bekele Gerba a prominent Oromo politician who lives in Adama (Laziret), the capital city of Oromia Kilal.

These young hustlers are well respected in their region, and their actions are commendable and they get much kudos within their community. If we juxtapose, this group to Heego, they receive different treatment. Heego became wanted within Cagjar’s government, and all their actions became reprehensible.

Cagjar’s administration tends hunting and demonizing this group for loophole and scapegoating towards their failure.

There is a drastic need for political correction in the Somali region

If we backtrack the pledges of the acting president, he spoke impromptu when he takes the power, saying “I’m not going to retaliate anyone”, so, Cagjar’s government is targeting and isolating his predecessor’s sub-clan.

This is absolutely terrible. Additionally, his administration is bestriding the top government’s positions his sub-clan.

So, why he was pushing back his predecessor’s administration, as longest he is not meeting the parity and meritocracy within his administration? also, his government is dislodging and cleansing anyone who belongs the same family of the former president’s clan, even if he/she has lower position in the government. So, Cagjar should take care to this imbecile and provocative actions, and should include his government the technocrats of the previous administration, as longest they are not politicians. Because, the Ethiopian minister of finance and the chairman of the Somali region’s parliament, Ahmedshide, says famously and courageously “there is an immense need to include Cagjar’s government some officials from the erstwhile administration”.

Because, most of the Cagjar’s cabinet of ministries are lack of experience and knowledge. And this unexpected expression from Ahmedshide freaked out Cagjar. Because, his business is just insulting the previous administration, while doing nothing good in the ground. Moreover, Cagjar’s administration is rebuking the former administration in the region so as to abnegate and renege their blatant failure towards running the region.

Democracy in Ethiopia is captive!

The incumbent Abiy is bedeviling and bemusing the world by the words of “transformation” and “democratization” in Ethiopia. If we mull over the latest situations in Ethiopia, there are tremendous demos and walkouts across the country, from Mekelle, the Tigray region, to Bahrdar, the Amhara region, to Jigjiga, the Somali region. All, they are demanding flat justice.


The country’s situations politically, economically and socially are deteriorating. And there is prevalent injustice and disparity among the communities. Oromo’s voracious and glutton behavior deluded the country. Because, they want to overarch everything in the country. So, Abiy’s transformation and democratization in Ethiopia became hallucination. Abiy’s unctuous behavior leads the country to havoc and bemusement.

Furthermore, there is jungle justice and gross human rights violations in Ethiopia. The former president of the Somali region and some of his cabinet are under custody for bum rap accusations since July last year. They appeared the apex court in Ethiopia countless times devoid of verdict.

So, what sort of democracy and transformation is taking place in Ethiopia? while sinister and notorious Lemma Megersa, the president of Oromia kilal, who is the mastermind behind killing and displacing enormous gullible Somali community in Ethiopia is flexing his muscles. Dude! So, we are tarmacked Abiy’s hollow rhetoric and vulgar remark towards democracy and transformation.


  1. Somali community in the Somali region in Ethiopia should have hippo skin when it comes to defending their land and its resources
  2. The incumbent Cagjar must listen to his people’s concerns and take it seriously
  3. Ethiopia must stop the marginalization of the Somali community in Ethiopia
  4. There is a drastic need for unity, solidarity and resilience within Somalis


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