Judiciary Vindication Training system and the Woman Divorce


Hargeisa (SH)- The High court and Constitutional system training hit its four days and stepping forward to close and group presentation were presented by the participants, whose were taken training lessons in the last days.

C7Group three were among those presented their short slides by the Marodijeh district Ahmed Dalmar Ismail, who made introductory before he touchdown slide points “ I was among the fresh charges whose visited to Sahil Region and we met with an expert for the Judiciary old man and he consulted with us to be away 2 virus killers  1- Clan Tribalism,2- Corruption     because they are the 3 killers of the smoothness of  Judiciary vindication.


The head group presenter told now there is no corruption at all in the Marodijeh district as well as all Somaliland Regions and districts as he remarked “there was Corruption in Judiciary system as a whole in the country but now there is nothing corruption at all in Somaliland Judiciary system” he told.

C5Second Presenter Sheikh Mohamed Ali Gadhle urged Charges to avoid corruption as well long as they can and pointed out he who is paying corruption he has ambition and whenever he got his ambition from you as charges tomorrow after he will insult you saying “that is very corrupter charge be away from him” told Sheikh Mohamed Ali Gadhle.

C2“today we are in a world forbidden and non forbidden become same for the people and urging you to be carefully as long as you can to take corruption” mentioned Sheikh Gadhle,Corruption warning was the most problem in Somaliland Judiciary system.

C4Divorce and its rules as clear and classified highlighted by the Sheikh Mohamed Ali and he gave warn Charges as well as to deliver other Somaliland society and also act on these Divorce classifications after the end of the training, but he told to the participant to avoid in generosity because if the  man is miser his wife dies physically before her real death as the facilitator told “if the man he is miser his wife dies before her death and if the wife she has bad behavior her husband dies physically before his real death so be attention you guys this kind of misers” he told.

C3Also Woman Divorce during their menstruation time there is more confusion in the Society especially those know nothing about the Islamic law and the Sharia pillars and he made clear when he was explaining the objectives of the Woman Divorce which Woman become more victims of their husbands whose are not familiar with the Islamic Religious rules and regulations.


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