The first high level training of Islamic Judiciary vindication system


Hargeisa (SH)-High level training of the Somaliland Judiciary system held at Maan-soor Hotel which is organized by the High court and constituent and 50 regional Judiciary along with district Charges are taken part this voluble training of 5 days, Chairman of the High court Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, Ministry of the Endowment and Religious Sheikh Khaliil Ahmed, Trainers of this meeting Sheikh Mohamed Ali Jama, Sheikh Esa Mohamoud Abdullaahi were the top banner speakers opening of this training.

Minister of Endowment urged those charges delegates to consider more about the verdicts on which they do on their duties of the civil arguments, also Minister Khaliil told its very important to be only Islamic views not out of it “I, am urging you to be only on the Islamic sharia points when you charging on someone or else things” said that Ministry of Endowment and Religious.

ADAM1Head of the High court and the Constituent Adam Haji Ali Ahmed described the important of having knowledge of the Judiciary system otherwise that charger verdicts will be null and void, he told that each subject has its especial rules and pillars and Charges must know more Islamic Sharia as to satisfy clearly both sides of the case he might charging.

COURT2Adam Haji Ali told whose participants are and where they from and for what they came here, as we mentioned above he emphasize Charges those are trainees from Sahil region (Berbera), Marodijeh Region (Hargeisa), and Awdal Region Borama, and he said “every subject has its discipline therefore we are Islamic country whatever and however charges vindicated Judiciary Charges” told that Head of the Somaliland High court Adam Haji Ali.

COURT3If this Training is taken part only those 3 above mentioned Regions what about the rest Region’s  Charges like Togdheer,Sool and Sanag he told “now this training is participating Marodijeh, Borama and Sahil Regions and the rest Region’s Charges we will held like this training in their Regions at the coming times” Adam Haji Ali Ahmed told that.

The High court head highlighted every Charge should know at least the basic pillars of the Sharia vindication but if he doesn’t classify applicable rules to the cases he doing truly he will be like as whose, slaughtering people without knifes “any Charge of you doesn’t familiar of his vindication he is like as he slaughtering the people without knife and he will be asked in the doomsday whatever he made mistake for his charges” that was told Adam Haji Ali.

COURT4He told only one can survive but all other Charges will not be survive for the fire in the grave day after he dies and the first priority for any Charger is only for his soul and second to the people those he might arbitrate to fall down in a mistake “again I ,am telling you as to escape from the grave fire at the doomsday first priority is yourself to defend fire from fire grave and unless you do that will not survive” these alters was remarked Adam Haji Ali head of the Somaliland High court and Constituent.

“Really I, am telling you Charges are 3 one who’s tried whit efforts charged as the right way with having knowledge and second who, s vindicated with no knowledge and third Charge who’s have the knowledge for this case and all what he is vindicating but he Vindicated within justice and only whose will survive is the whose vindicated with knowledge and justice but two others will go to the fire”

COURT5The trainer of today Sheikh Mohamed Ali Jama nickname “Ali Gadhle” has presented a precious and admirable lesson which was truly touching hear of the participant because approximately one and half hour he was lecturing there was no one gun out of the door and even no phone talks but all participants were looking down note books and were busy for taken notice.

COURT6Sheikh Mohamed told they he prefer one of the 4 Islamic thoughts as Shafici which the most suni Muslims act on it and he said “today here we will point out the main rules of the Judiciary and the Divorce issues which I have quoted from well known Islamic Religious leaders” and the all related articles which are necessary for the good vindication of the Court charges, and mentioned as member of the local Islamic vindication court they don’t charge and vindication cases if it not based on the Shafici Thoughts and he said

“as we are Towfiiq Islamic Local of court we never charge if the while it’s out of the Shafici Thoughts” said that Sheikh Mohamed Ali Jama who, s too familiar with the four of Islamic pillar thoughts.

COURT7That section one of the half day lectured by the Sheikh Mohamed Ali Gadhle and the second section after lunch second trainer is the Sheikh Esa Mohamoud Abdullaahi who’s holding PHD as the Islamic Sharia law and the topic he talk was about Islamic behaviors, which mostly is concerning all Muslim society of this anarchy world today.

COURT8Sheikh Esa clarified believes fait of the Muslims which keeps on all the human values “the first Charger whose verdict vindication was Imam Omar Binu Khadaab when he sent more Charges into the Regions as to satisfy all societies both Muslims and non Muslims” told that Sheikh Esa Abdullaahi Mohamoud.

COURT9“The stronger believer is better than the believer week and loved by the God” told that Sheikh Esa during his lecture to the Charges and added “the good Charge is the one whose alert and clean from all evil deeds and have these 5 points as this. 1-clean and polite not looking after people’s properties 2- tolerance for the people’s insults and words 3-Justice, 4- consultative to those other scholars those with visions and 5 not afraid any fight from fighters” he told.

COURT10Sheikh Esa recommended or urged those Charges not vindicate any case while they are feeling 1- angry, 2-Anoye, 3 tried, Sleep, Heat or cold which may affect, 5 more sadness or too happiness because it may interrupt his mind stability and may affect the rightness of the case vindication 6- corruption which is the real killer of the Society and most corruption payers are the Business men,

COURT1“Oh you Sheikh we Berbera beach residents have more environmental different like too hot in the months and we have no facilities like AC and cooler therefore how it can affect our case managing? Said that Sahil Region Mandheera district court manager Sheikh Abdullaahi Mohamoud, and another Sheikh Adam Ahmed Musa from Awdal Region court asked to the Sheikh “what about if a man come to me and give me some money during managing his case in the court can I take that gifts from him or should I refuse?

COURT11And the answer was aided by the Trainer Sheikh Esa was this “before his case was he giving you money? And Charge Adam Ahmed Musa said “even 10 shillings he never gave me before” and then Sheikh said “it’s clearly corruption therefore be away far from its forbidden.once again tomorrow mooning all delegates will come and both Sheikh Mohamed Ali Gadhle and Sheikh Esa Mohamoud will facilitate another sections.

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