Funny Story :A man who,s cried at his wedding Ceremony for love


Gaalkacayo (SH)-A funny story had happened at wedding Ceremony night which attracted many people, after the Wedding man cried when he embarrassed his lovely wife at the Ceremony hall and that was the amazing story of the week in Somalia where that story have seen published on the Social media.

OOYE2 This crier Wedding man is named Saadaq and his lovely wife call Elhaan,and he was interviewed by BBC Somali service and he asked for what made to cry since the stage was not for sadness or problem place but for laugh and happens place and he this what he told “i cried because of love for my beautiful stage when i saw my lovely Elhaan and all of may families are standing with me dancing and clubbing for us”

OOYE1                              Saadaq Ibrahim and his lovely Wife Ms. Elhaan

This is a new story to the Somali people stage which had not happened in the Somali history cried for only love while the lover wife she is present not away or rejection happened but she with him and that was what made this story to be funny.

“its being said that Mugud residents are hard heart and somehow didn’t know what is the love but am showing those Mudug people are lovers” that was told by the crier Wedding man Mr. Saadaq.

Even my i couldn’t understand weather he is laughing or crying because the cameras were showing a beautiful  stage along well dressed invitees both Woman and men whose were laughing and clubbing but suddenly i saw as he crying and i said my self is he right or are you wrong? Photos form Social Media

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