Federal Interior Minister welcome Turkish new Ambassador


Mogadishu (SH)-Federal Interior Minister Mohamed Abdi Sabriye welcome to his office to the Turkish new Ambassador, whose substituted last Ambassador of Turkish republic.

Mr. Sabriye told that he is very glad to welcome Turkish Ambassador and discuss a lot issues including emphases ties between the two Countries “its pleasure to me to welcome the new Turkish Ambassador to my office” these was told Mohamed Abdi Sabriye.

On the other hand Mr. Sabriye say also two sides will have more issues which needs to keep go on smoothly with the Somali Republic and the Turkish Government and also the new Turkish Ambassador Mr. Yilmaz who, s will handle all tasks of his duties along with to connect Turkish Embassy in Somalia,s Activities told he is in pleasure with this welcome both today,s Interior Minister and the Somali people as he said

There are on going more projects funding by the Turkish Government in Somalia especially in Mogadishu including health sectors and also educational sectors while emergency and relief relating as humanitarian feeds which is being mentioned by the Minister that its in the discussed issues.


+252 65 9222205/063 4410656




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