Reportedly 73 Alshabab were killed in Barsanguuni yesterday


Barsanguuni (SH)-Reports form the middle Shabeelle says at least 73 of Jihadist Group of Alshab were killed in peter battle waged with the Somali Army forces at the Barsanguuni Military which Alshabab had the first attack on the Military base.

As quoted form the run State Radio Mogadishu Somali Army force along with their back force of the Africom have strongly deterred from Alshabab attacks and also Air Done Shelters have been thrown into the Alshab Vehicles which were full of carrying Young of Alshabab militants and 73 died as the run State Media saying.

On the other hand witness people says each sides have faced either death or huge casualties but yet no in dependent source have confirmed exactly casualties between the Federal Forces and the Insurgency Alshab militants.

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