Names of Five Alshabab reporters whose being killed Air strike


Jilib (SH)-Four Alshabab reporters have been killed in the Mobile Radio center which is behave of the Alshabab insurgents to mobilize people and attract more none supporters to their ideology believes, reports says those Alshabab reporters were in their task narration when the Air strike was happening.

Both Air strike and land aventary were companion with the Somali forces and their back of  Africom, Alshabab Radio station mobile called Al-andalus Radio have been working for a long time as main instrument of the sharping weapons of Alshabab Insurgency.

1-Faisal yare, 2-Mohamed Aden 3-Nasrudiin 3-Abdulkariim Seyfullah 5-Hassan Abdurrahman, report says all those five members were the top of Alshabab narrators whose not survived for the last Air strike on their Mobile Radio Station.

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