Qatar Government donated to Somalia 68 of Armor Vesicles


Mogadishu (SH)-Qatar Government hand over today 68 of Armor Vehicles which is being scheduled for the Military Army forces, to use for their wage fighting with the militants of Alshabab.

A big ceremony held at the Mogadishu see port where the 68 of armor Vehicles landed off participated by the Government of those Qatar delegated rank officials  as Military heads along with their Somali Military heads and other Governmental officials.

The Commander of Somali Military force General Daahir Adan Elmi and his Qatar counterpart General Mohamoud Al-qasal to gather signed the handing over of these Vehicles, and both sides told this is reflecting  how far its tough the bilateral cooperation between the two countries of Somalia and Qatar and also General Al-qasaal mentioned that Qatar is more then too ready to continues standing with the Government of Somalia.

Finally l.t  Dahir Aden Elmi promised that Somali Armies will resist fighting for to re-ensure the stability of the country as soon as they can, and he pointed  out as head of the Army forces that this Vehicles  will be used only as been scheduled as property of Military.

Source:Radio Mogadishu

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