President Farmajo attended ceremony closing of the Parliament


Mogadishu (SH)-President of the Federal republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo attended, the ceremony closing of the Parliament term, which took place at the Villa Somalia, the President highly acknowledge members of the lower house for their, good performance, as he remarked his speech.

Also the President Farmajo mentioned very important point for his responsibility which related the reconciliation of the Somali people which he told this new year of 2019 he will stand for Somali people reconciliation, to end the chronic flush hostility lasted between Somalis for a long time since 1984 which leaved eventually collapse of central Government of Somalia in 1991.

On the other hand President mention from now any raised conflict which between in the Government institution such two house of the Parliament will be solved under the their but will not need to pass over their houses.          

This ceremony closing of the Parliament term also was participated more including MPs and the rank official like the heads of the Army sectors Military,Police and the other honorable gusts, whose part of them had short speeches as wrote it published on the State.

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