Breaking news: two explosions shake at Hotel in city of Kenya Nairobi


Nairobi (SH)-Two explosions just shake at a Hotel locating in the city of Kenya Nairobi, the earlier reports from Aljazeera News channel say also Bomb was thrown after the explosions, the flame and up smoke were seeing in the city of Nairobi.

no more details yet and therefore we promise you we will get in touch with you as soon as possible we can to update you whatever from this explosion and of there is any casualties or deaths.The Citizen Television also suddenly published its web page:

n explosion followed by heavy gunfire has been reported at 14 Riverside in Westlands, Nairobi.

NAIROBInairobi1Unconfirmed reports indicate there was an explosion outside one of the buildings before gunshots filled the air at around 3PM, East Africa time.A picture of a car on fire is circulating online and heavy smoke can be seen billowing from the area.

People trapped inside the buildings report of incessant shootings with many taking to social media to say they are holed up in several of the adjacent buildings. Many others reported of an active shooter in one of the buildings. Police have since arrived at the scene.

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